Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Have A Dream

Martin Luther King day is around the corner and I needed a quick way to talk about him with our class.  Sometimes we make things too complicated.  We really can keep it simple.

Step 1
Print or write up a paper similar to this one

Step 2
Have your students brainstorm about something that would make this world a better place.  Things like...I have a dream that all people would be nice, or that people would help each other, or people would share.  Have them write what they want to say in the speech bubble.  If your children can't write in complete sentences yet have them use one main word.   For example: nice, help or share.

Step 3
Make a simple Marin Luther King Jr. face by having the child cut a large circle from brown paper, and white rectangles for his eyes.  Have them color details on the face.

I told you it could be easy!  Dr. King continues to inspire us.  Remember to use activities that practice handwriting, cutting, gluing, and most importantly...thinking!   Can you imagine a world where ALL the people would share?  Makes me happy thinking about it!

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