Monday, March 25, 2024

The Amazing Action Alphabet Vowel Kingdom book


Here is a demo on how to use the Amazing Action Alphabet Vowel Kingdom book! It goes through some different vowel combinations and introduces silent "e" the ninja! This book has book has been shown to help children read more proficiently. Order yours on! #reading #vowels #teach #learning

Friday, March 1, 2024

Using the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart!

This a demonstration of how to use the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart with your child. This book follows the same see, hear, do pattern as the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart, but uses people instead of animals. Kids LOVE it and have a great time doing the actions.


Monday, January 30, 2023

Teaching /th/ consonant diagraph

 I love teaching the /th/ combination. It can be a memorable and fun experience with the Amazing Action Alphabet Letter Combination Book. Watch how we're using thread to help with the correct placement and sound of this particular sound. 

Teaching beginning readers how to read CVC words using a rollercoaster!

Learning how to add three-part sounds together, consonant vowel consonant words can be challenging.  Here I am using a rollercoaster to make reading for the first time more effective.


Teaching the letter R with the Amazing Action Alphabet

    Ahoy! Have I mentioned how much I love teaching the letter R? While introducing the name of the letter R I like to pretend I am a pirate as I pull out my eye patch and say, "This letter's name is ‘R.' The Letter R is the same sound a pirate would make, ‘arr.’" When teaching the sound of the letter R, my students love to roller-skate, like R the Rhino in Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart. Your children will love this too!  Just draw skates on plane pieces of paper and skate around the room making the “r-r-r” sound. I hope using these ideas brings you as much joy as it does for me!

Learning to write using the top, middle, and bottom lines with The Amazing Action Alphabet Tree Template


    The Amazing Action Alphabet Tree Template is so simple and effective! It contains icons that help the child locate how to use the top, middle, and bottom lines. Notice the apple is at the top of the tree. Apples always fall down from trees, never up! This is the first step in helping children remember to not draw in an upward motion. The mouse is at the bottom of the tree helping the child remember that the child must touch the mouse hole when touching the bottom line. The owl is helpful when writing various letters like a lowercase e or k. The worms are placed in the dirt to help the child remember that some letters, like g, y, or j, go past the bottom line and into the “dirt.”This tree template can be used in conjunction with The Amazing Action Alphabet Handwriting Level 2 book


Teaching er (r-controlled vowel) Otherwise Known as "Bossy r"

Watch how simple and effective teaching the letter er combination can be done visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically by using The Amazing Action Alphabet Letter Combination Book!