Monday, January 20, 2014

Different, But Oh SO Special!

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  What an amazing man that inspired us to treat everyone with kindness and respect.  I am proud to celebrate and honor him today!

So you may be home with the kiddo's and can I teach them a little about WHY we are home today?!?!  Try this fun and FREE activity.  My class loved it when we did it together!

Grab that box of old and broken crayons that you probably should throw away but haven't.  They are useful, I promise!

Martin Luther King Jr preschool art and craft activity

At the top of your thick cardstalk paper write...

 "Everyone is special, just like the colors of the rainbow.  Each one makes the rainbow beautiful!"

Talk about how colors make up the rainbow.  Imagine taking one color away from the rainbow, or more profoundly, what would it look like if we took a color away from nature!  Each color has a purpose.  Each color is unique and important!  Line up your color crayons to make a rainbow.  Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Blues and Purples.

MLK glue gun crayon craft

Grab your handy-dandy glue gun and glue the crayons in place.  {if your glue gun looks more loved than mine...You win a prize ;)}  Keep talking to your kids...ask them how WE are different?  Brainstorm with them.  Get them to think!  Some of us have black hair, others have orange, red, yellow(ish) or brown hair.  We are each different, just like the rainbow!

 Martin Luther King Jr preschool craft activity

Use a blow dryer and watch those colors run down the page.  The kids LOVE this part!  Be sure to cover your work space.  No need to have wax crayon on the carpet permanently.  :)

MLK preschool crayon art activity

They did it!  Even though we are ALL different, we are all Oh SO Special!  Thank you Dr. King!  

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