Wednesday, January 15, 2014

N the Naughty Newt

Get out the nail polish friends...let's learn about N the Naught Newt!  In my Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart N story, N the Naughty Newt does some naughty drawings on the Nursery walls.  He is scolded by his mother by the shaking of her pointer finger with a /n/ /n/ /n/ sound.  

{found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity book}

My preschool kids love getting out all the nail polish colors to paint N the Naughty Newt.

Funny story... years ago I was teaching this lesson when my 2 year old niece went into the back bedroom and poured paint on the carpet.  /N/ /N/ /N/  we said as we cleaned up the "real" mess!  My niece is 10 now and we all laugh about the lesson learned that day.

I hope you are making memories of your own in your classes!

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