Thursday, September 1, 2016

Stuffed Animals Make a Great Preschool Teacher Assistant

In my Amazing Action Alphabet teaching world (my real job as mom is stellar, but more about that later:)) I'm always looking for props which help me teach letters and sounds to my sweet students.  Attention grabbers, funny things, or random objects around the house help me create that magical teaching moment when the student hangs with me for a moment...and learns!  

Meet some new alphabet friends.  H the horse and M the moose are covered with stickers that have their beginning sound. 

Stuffed animal teaching letter H

The children loved to run around the room huffing (making the /h/ /h/ /h/sound) and galloping with our horse.  
Stuffed animal teaching letter M

M the moose was rubbing his belling many times making the /m/ /m/ /m/ sound.

What is your most recent attention grabber or teaching aid?  Today try a stuffed animal!  Anything to make these animals come alive is worth the effort.

Until next time friends!

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