Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reading Review Game: Swat the Word!

Amazing Action Alphabet's Beginning Reader is a MUST HAVE for all preschoolers and beginning readers.  This book has 26 mini books that build upon each other as the reader progresses and learns more letter sounds and words.  

Today we read the I the Insect book.  We reviewed in a fun way called "SWAT THE WORD!"  I wrote the words from the book on little lady bugs.  

Word Review Game for Amazing Action Alphabet

When my reader read a word he could SWAT that bug.  BAM!  Flat paper bugs are my favorite!

We were itching with fun as we read this book and practiced the /i/ sound!  This Beginning reader is also available as an Ebook for ONLY $6.99!  This game is a fun way to review words from any story or frequently used words.  

Enjoy friends!  

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