Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pinocchio Teaches How To Hold A Pencil

Our good old friend Pinocchio taught us how to hold the pencil correctly today!

First I talked about Pinocchio's story...

Pinocchio has a short nose when he tells the truth...and a long noes when he tells a lie.

Remind your child that the "nose" of the pencil needs to be short.

When the "nose" of the pencil is too long it's hard to have control of the pencil, which makes it hard to write.

Look at that!  I found this really easy to teach, and the kids remembered the Pinocchio visual quickly.

Just use this link to print a picture of Pinocchio.  Carefully cut out his head including a little notch for his nose.  Tape the paper Pinocchio to the child's thumb.  Help the child place the pencil in the notch of Pinocchio's nose.  Have your children practice holding the pencil correctly.

How fun is that!  Now we are ready to practice writing with our Amazing Action Handwriting Book 2.  Look at all those honest, short noses!  Love it!

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