Thursday, April 17, 2014

Get Your Easter Craft On

Easter is days away and I know many of you like to plan a Easter craft with your special little ones.  I have tweaked a few ideas and came up with this one to share!  WARNING:  This is quite messy, BUT don't let that discourage you!  I know, I know, a messy craft wants you to skip this idea altogether, but today when we did this the kids were GIGGLING and eating this activity right up!

When our kids ask for "those paints", or "all that play-doe" our inner voice is like...seriously there is NO way I want to clean up after that!  We must remember that kids NEED to be kids!  They love to learn in all different ways, many are not so clean.  SO...get out those old t-shirts and let's begin!

Step one:  You will need a paper Easter basket {like this one}, paper eggs (use white card stock), food coloring and shaving cream.

** I had my children cut out their own Easter basket, but I pre cut the eggs to save time :)!**

Step two:  Place a little shaving cream and a drop of food coloring on each egg.


Step three:  Have the children spread the shaving cream on the eggs.  

Step Four:  Place the eggs in the basket when dry.

The kids were SO proud of their eggs, and the colors were beautiful!  Happy Easter Weekend everyone!

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