Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Race Car Track {DIY}

We are revving up our engines around here for R day!  Rrrrrrrr!  A really fun idea my friend introduced me to was a do-it-yourself race track.  I cannot tell you how much fun this was for my kiddo's and it all cost a little over $10!

Purchase a white soffit for $12 at a local hardware store. Use some colorful duct tape and make race tracks down the siding.  I know!  Easy huh!?  This is about 12 feet long.

Durabuilt 8-5/8-in x 144-in White Solid Soffit

The cars all make the /r/ sound as they rapidly race down the track today!  We talked about who's car was the fastest, slowest, and first second, and third.  I'm pretty sure we all felt like this...

But in reality it was a little more like this...

Let the races begin!!!

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