Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dotty Dinosaur

We're still talking about D the Dinosaur over here!   Today we pulled out your handy-dandy Amazing Action Alphabet "D the Dinosaur's Dot's" page, and made some dot art.  If you haven't purchased your Activity Book... {buy one here}

For this activity decorate 'D' with DOTS!  Use stickers, poster painters, or punch out colorful dots and and glue them to the letter D.

Enhance this activity by then putting your dotty dinosaur on a math page like this one.  Make up simple questions that would apply to the color of dots you used.  The questions I used were:

My Dino has ___________white dots.
My Dino has ___________ red dots.
My Dino has ___________ blue dots.
My Dino has ___________ black dots.

Ta-da!  Look at your kids learning so much!  They are "Dino"mite!  

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