Monday, March 30, 2015

Teaching Letter W While Learning About the Weather AND the Water Cycle

Enjoy learning about the Weather AND the Water Cycle while teaching letter W.  April showers bring May flowers...prefect timing for combining simple topics about the world around us.  This type of learning helps a preschooler's mind grow.  I loved using the W Day activity, (found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book) and I added a few other WONDERRUL ideas found on the web.   Teach the Water Cycle on a BASIC level.  I think this clever water cycle mobile is one to use!  If you're looking for a rainy day activity maybe you could add letters or numbers to this puddle jumping idea.  Whatever you choose, getting a little wet and wiggly with W the Worm is terrific!

Teaching W the Worm with the Water Cycle

Learning the Water Cycle in Preschool

I talk about the water cycle at a BASIC level.

Basic Water Cycle

Gather a few items around the house and get ready to learn!

W the Worm day in Preschool

Use multiple senses while decorating W the worm with chocolate pudding.  

W the Worm with chocolate Pudding

Have your preschooler make some green grass for the worm's habitat.  

cutting grass

We made rain with blue paint, and cotton balls make great clouds! 

Preschool water cycle on W day

Try adding MATH to W day.  Count how many raindrops you see.  Now, count how many clouds.  Don't forget to count the worm!  Include your findings on the bottom or your artwork.

Preschool W day water cycle

It is EASY to add to the basic activities found in the Amazing Action Alphabet books.  What ways do you enhance teaching letter W?

For more ideas using the Amazing Action Alphabet & Number Neighborhood books please follow me.

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