Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Look What I Have!!!

FINALLY It's Here!  Look what I have...

Many of you may already know that for the past few years I have been writing an effective book on numbers.  Today YOU are the first to receive notice that my
book is now available at MY WEB STORE for only $13.99!!!

This book is written and presented similar to my Amazing Action Alphabet book using the child's senses to learn each number and their value.


This will be a great supplement for you to teach your little ones at home or in a preschool setting, and for the first 15 buyers I will throw in a FREE teaching tool--- a Number Neighborhood Placemat !

My Number Neighborhood book is full of 19 kids we have around the neighborhood - kids with a story.  These neighbors are shaped in the form of numbers and the visual combined with a short story and action are successful in teaching children letters and sounds.  I have been testing this book out on my greatest critics, three, four, and five year olds, and I have created a book that works!

You will love the vibrant pictures an creative stories written specifically for the younger visual learner.  Here are some of my personal favorites...


The stories are clever and fun for the auditory learner.  Here is an example of One's story...

For the hands-on learner you will find an action for the child to do that reinforces the learning in each story.

Come on over to my Store and buy your Number Neighborhood book today for only $13.99!!!

If you aren’t already following me for FREE supplemental ideas using BOTH the Amazing Action Alphabet books and now my Number Neighborhood Book please follow me here:

Your mailbox will LOVE you for this!  
Oh, and so will a few kids! :)

Thanks Friends!  I know how much you love teaching, and I hope you will enjoy using this new book as a tool just like you use my other Amazing Action Alphabet products.

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