Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"T" is for Teeth Day!

T day is one of my personal favorites!  It is so fun to get the children excited about brushing their TEETH!  Make a cut out of a YELLOW tooth.  "Brush" the tooth clean with white tooth paste (aka white paint mixed with a little Karo syrup. (I like to use about a tablespoon or two of Karo syrup with my paint.  It makes it glossy and dries a little faster.  Try it, I think you'll like it too!)

Talk about how their teeth can sparkle and shine like the tooth they are brushing.

Practice "tapping" your tooth with your index finger while you say the sound "t" "t" "t"  TTTTerrific!

Another idea is to LACE A TOOTH! - - -

Prepare a basic tooth out of card stalk paper and punch holes around the tooth using a hole punch.  Have the child thread yarn through the holes.  Terrific for developing fine motor skills. 

As a side note---I found some extra scrubs the children took turns wearing as they pretended to be the dentist.  Now who has a cavity...? ;)

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