Tuesday, September 24, 2013

T Day ...Play-Doh Teeth

In my Amazing Action Alphabet flip chart book we talk about teeth with T the Tiger.  Did you know that Play-Doh makes great teeth?!?!  Simply use a tooth template and have the children roll Play-Doh into small balls.  Push them onto the teeth.

Play doh teeth for preschool

Ask the children to touch each tooth as they count them.  This is called one-to-one correspondence, and is a necessary math skill for early learners.  Play-Doh Teeth are also great for developing fine motor skills and counting!

This activity goes great with the T the Tiger tooth chart in the Activity Book.  My kids love it when we tap our tooth like T and say /t /t/ /t/!  It just makes sense!

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**When Play-Doh is not available you could use marshmallows or white kidney beans.

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