Saturday, October 4, 2014

Some Things Are Worth The Wait.

First thing first.  Thank you for hanging in there with me this last month.  I have had some MAJOR hiccups with launching my new book, and I have a feeling you've been waiting just like me!  

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So without further adieu I'd like to share with your my newest addition to the Number Neighborhood teaching tools, and a companion to the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart

This book is FILLED with theme-related rhymes, songs, stories, fingerplays, and activities that feature the characters from the The Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  When using these books together, they serve to create a total learning experience for young children.

First, you will find a suggest theme for each number.  I talk about how I introduce all my themes HERE.  By using these themes, in accordance with teaching a daily number, a child's knowledge about the world around them will be enhanced.  Children will learn basic scientific topics such as:  Water Day or Seasons Day.  Children will learn more about themselves and others, as in: Hero Day or Friendship Day.  I am SURE your children will enjoy these delightful curriculum based themes.

Second, in my Number Neighborhood Activity Book you will find suggested stories, rhymes, and songs that further reinforce the number and the theme.  These stories are among some of the "all-time" favorites.  The compilation of the rhymes and songs coordinating with each theme are easy to follow and fun to use!

Here are some of my favorite stories from my Number 18 Music Day theme:

Third, you will find a list of suggested fingerplays that can be used to further enhance learning, which, again, correlates with the number theme.

I talked about Number 5's Bee Day fingerplay HERE

Next you will find an activity page dedicated to each number and corresponding theme.     You will find that each activity is NOT just another printed worksheet.  These are hands on activities reinforcing learning the number and number's value through MULTI-SESORY manipulatives and problem solving GAMES!




Finally as a bonus, we have included letter cards at the end of the Number Neighborhood Activity Book and suggested activities to reinforce the number name and number value.

I know I've given you LOADS of examples from this book!  Come on over to my STORE and grab one today!  ...This book is tried, tested and ready for your child's SUCCESS!

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