Friday, September 5, 2014

Activities for Number 3...All About Trees!

Three grows a tree...3, 3, 3!  In my Number Neighborhood Flip Chart number 3 knows how to grow beautiful trees.  There are 3 things to grow trees...soil, water, and sun.

{image found HERE}
Here is a variation for YOUNGER CHILDREN using number 3's activity found in the Number Neighborhood Activity Book. Instead of following the instructions and drawing each bird in the tree, try using play-doh.  Using red, yellow and blue for the birds in the tree will be a great tactile activity.

Encourage the child to place 3 red birds, 3 blue birds and 3 yellow birds in the tree.  Remember to touch and count teach bird.  

For OLDER CHILDREN, those having better use of their fine motor skills, have them use dot stickers and place 3 blue dots, 3 yellow dots and 3 red dots in the tree.  Then simply have the child add beaks, wings and feet to each bird.  Now practice counting each bird.

You can find these dot stickers in most stores that sell office supplies.  They are often called 'Color Coding Labels' I grabbed mine from HERE.

Three grows a tree...3, 3, 3!  The school year is officially started.  You're kids are going to learn so much about trees and growing things with number 3 this month.  Here are a couple of tree jokes to keep your kids thinking, and giggling!  

Q.  Do you know what a tree's lease favorite month is?  
A.  Sep-timber!

Q.  Why did the leaf go to the doctor?
A.  It was feeling green!

Q.  What kind of tree can fit into your hand?
A.  A palm tree!

{image via Examiner}

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