Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Teaching Number 11 with Greater Than & Less Than

Getting closer!...

My Number Neighborhood Activity Book is hitting my STORE in September.  Keep watching for updates!

Today I wanted to give you a sample of NUMBER 11.

With this activity we talk about GREATER THAN & LESS THAN.  As always, I first review the story and introduce NUMBER 11 from my Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  This story talks about NUMBER 1, and her perfectly made bun (see here debut HERE).  Number 1 gets together with her best friend, a TEEN, and together they train a pet dog named Kevin.

Preschoolers LOVE learning about pets!  With Number 11's activity we see that our pet Kevin likes to eat the BIGGER pile of bones.

First we get the activity ready...


Then I put the bones into two different piles for my little one to count.

The child then decides which one is GREATER, and which one is LESS.  Kevin, our pet, always wants to eat the GREATER pile of bones.  So we position his mouth to eat that pile.

I created the dog to easily flip to whichever pile is correct!   I grabbed some Scooby-Doo graham cracker snacks and tried again and again...

We had a lot of fun counting and feeding 11's pet Kevin today!

You will love how easy this activity is, and the kids LOVE counting piles and piles of bones!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Number Neighborhood Book Review & Giveaway

Just wanted to make a quick SHOUT OUT to my friend Katie at Gift of Curiosity.  She posted a fabulous review on the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  PLUS a free book Giveaway!  I LOVE her blog...see for yourself!

Flip through her post and see what she personally uses to teach...

Great teaching ideas for YOU...

Want to share some of your teaching ideas?  Contact me at We can share your ideas too!  Thanks Gift of Curiosity!

Number ONE's Activity

As promised...I wanted to give you a little peak into the Number Neighborhood Activity Book.  This book is getting so close to printing.  You are in for a real treat!  Today I wanted to share my NUMBER ONE's Activity.

Learning about 1
ONE wears a bun
also learning small, smaller & smallest

First we reviewed the story from the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  
You can see more about the story
 Then we  reinforced teaching Number One by the activity.

With a cut cut here...

and a cut cut there...

here a cut, there a cut, everywhere a cut cut...

Okay...just had "that" little tune in my head.  Once you color and cut the designated parts you can slip in number 1's perfectly pink ribbon.  As you pull it through talk about small, smaller and smallest.

Enhancing this activity we gathered some ribbon and had each child lay out the pieces according to size.  The kids loved doing this, and quickly identified which were SMALL, SMALLER & SMALLEST...SHORT, MEDIUM & TALL...LONG, LONGER & LONGEST.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lookie Who's Sharing...

My friend, Karyn, over at Teach Beside Me shared her curriculum choices...and I just HAD TO SHARE!

Look at all her Amazing Action Alphabet books right there!  Go check out her blog for FANTASTIC ideas for moms and teachers like you!  Thanks for sharing Teach Beside Me!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Yearly Calendar--->>>Order of Themes

The order I introduce each letter and number is listed below. I suggest you discuss your daily activities and review material at calendar time, but focus on a specific number and the correlating number theme and activity once a week.

The themes and activities are located in The Amazing Action Alphabet Activity book and Number Neighborhood Activity book. The letters are NOT listed in alphabetical order because I follow the suggested letter order found in my Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader.   My Beginning Reader book introduces the most frequently used letters in an order which allows the student to begin reading immediately.

graphics via My Cute Graphics

September Theme Suggestions:

Week 1: You Are Special, I Like Me, Hero Day (Number 0)
Week 2: Letter Mm:  Manny Healthy Munchies, Muffin Day, Hair Day (Number 1)

Week 3: Letter Tt: Teeth Day, Tea Party, Shoe Day (Number 2)
Week 4: Letter Aa: Apple Day, Ants Day, Tree Day (Number 3)

October Theme Suggestions:
Week 1: Letter Ss: Safety Day, Snake Day, Fire Safety Day (Number 6)
Week 2: Letter Bb: Bear Day, Bubble Day, Bee Day (Number 5)
Week 3: Letter: Hh Horses and Farm Animals Day, Cowboy/Cowgirl Day, Building Day (Number 4)
Week 4: Letter Review: Hurray for Halloween, Halloween Costume Day, Pumpkin Day (Number 13)

November Theme Suggestions:
Week 1: Letter Cc: Caterpillar Day, Cookie Math, Stars Day (Number 7)
Week 2: Letter Ii: I the Insect, Indian Day, Birthday Day (Number 8)
Week 3: Letter Ll: Lizard Day, Reptile Day, Fancy Day (Number 9)
Week 4: Letter Review: Pilgrim Day, Pilgrim and Indian Feast, Friendship Day (Number 10)

December Theme Suggestions:
Week 1: Letter Pp: Popcorn Day, Pajama Day, Pet Day (Number 11)
Week 2: Letter Review: Twelve Days of Christmas, Santa Day, Clock Day (Number 12)
Week 3: Letter Review: Jingle Bells Day, Gingerbread Day, Elf Day

January Theme Suggestions:
Week 1: Letter Ff: Flamingo Day, Feathery Bird Day, Snowman Day
Week 2: Letter Jj: Jamming with Sea Animals, Jelly Fish Day, Fish Day
Week 3: Letter Oo: Opera and Talents Day, Hot Chocolate Day, Field Trip
Week 4: Letter Nn: Naughty or Nice, Newt Day, Music Day (Number 18)

February Theme Suggestions:
Week 1: Letter Dd: Dinosaur Day, Digging for Dinosaur Bones Day, Groundhog Day,
Week 2: Letter Gg: Giggles with Mother Goose Day, Gum Drop Day, Valentine’s Day
Week 3: Letter Uu: U have a Family, Upside Down Day, Fairytale Day (Number 19)
Week 4: Letter Rr: Race Cars and Other Types of Transportation, Rainbow Day, Water Day   (Number 16)

March Theme Suggestions:
Week 1: Letter Kk: Knowledge About our Body #1, Knowledge About our Body #2, Knowledge About our Body #3
Week 2: Letter Kk: Kangaroos Day, Leprechaun Day, Green Day (Number 14)
Week 3: Letter Ee: Elephant Day, Exercise Day, Circus Day
Week 4: Letter Review: Egg Day, Rabbit Day, Seasons Day (Number 17)

April Theme Suggestions:
Week 1: Letter Ww: W the Worm Day, Weather Day, Cloud Day
Week 2: Letter Yy: Yell Yes for our Senses, Yellow Yo-Yo Day, Telephone Day,
Week 3: Letter Vv: Vacuuming and Cleaning Day, Vulture Day, Recycling Day (Number 15)
Week 4: Letter Xx:  Career Day, X is for X-Rays, Address Day

May Theme Suggestions:
Week 1: Letter Zz: Zoo Day, Z the Zebra Day, Zoo Field Trip
Week 2: Letter Qq: Quilts and Patterns, Queen and King Day, Mother’s Day Letters
Week 3: One Hundred Day, Program Practice Day, Program Day
Week 4: Beach Day, Awards Day, Party Day 

Monday, August 4, 2014

L The Lizard with Bubble Wrap

 Today we were playing around with Bubble Wrap and decided to make L the Lizard have some TEXTURE! From the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book I copied L the Lizard activity on white card stalk.  Grabbed the paint, paint brushes, bubble wrap, scissors and glue...

I really liked the way it turned out!  We thought and pretended what L the Lizard would do on a day like today.  We went out side and put our minds to work...

Funny how such a simple craft can get our minds going!  As we played with L the Lizard we thought about all the L words we could think of.

Lazy, log, long, lopsided,  lick, listen, lemon, lipstick, large, leg, last, lullaby...  The list kept going.  Hope you are enjoying a lazy afternoon!