Thursday, April 12, 2018

Word Slide

Reading can be scary for our preschoolers when they first begin to read. Here is a fun way to build their confidence and teach them how to read words. I use this activity after they have learned the letter S (lesson 4 in the Beginner Reader Book).

All you need is an image of a slide and the letters M, T, A and S! Create words as you slide the letters together to create words.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Letter M Phonemic Activity and Sorting Food

Today my preschoolers had a fun time reviewing the letter name and sound of M. In the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart M the moose is munching on meatballs while making the sound m-m-m. 


For a fun food related activity I gathered food items from around the house that started with the /m/ sound such as; milk, muffins, mustard, and meat. 

I also gathered other food that didn't begin with the letter M. Then I asked my preschoolers to sort the food. The food that began with the letter M they could put on one dish and feed to the Moose. The food that did not begin with the letter M they put on another dish. 

What a perfect sorting activity and a great way to review the letter M sound. 

After this phonemic activity we read the first story in the Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader Book


Just Beginning to Read...Here we go!

As your child is just beginning to read I have fantastic tools to help you teach this magical process!  The letter T phonemic activity can be found in Lesson 2 of my latest printing of the Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader Book

Simply write the letter M and T on counters. Ask the child to place the corresponding counter on the picture that contains the correct beginning sound of the counter.  Easy, right?! Now the child is ready to read the second story in the Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader. 

At this point your child has learned the letter sounds of M and T.  Use your Alphabet Wall Cards to review these letter names and sounds. 

Mr. Alligator Teaches Letter A Through Song

Letter A has always been a favorite letter to teach using the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart. Today I reviewed  the alphabet letters with a variation of an old familiar tune "One Little Monkey." It goes something like this...

Alligator Letter Name Song

"One little letter swinging from a tree
Teasing Mr. Alligator...can't catch me.
Can't catch me!
Along comes Mr. Alligator as quiet as can be 
And chomps a _______right out of the tree." 

The child then says the name of the letter the alligator chomped out of the tree.  If they say the letter's name and sound the letter can be eaten by the alligator and removed from the tree. 

Caterpillar Reading

In my latest printing of the Amazing Action Alphabet Mini Reader you will find the Phonemic Activity that corresponds with the Cycle of a Butterfly theme.


You will love this valuable teaching guide as it walks you though each lesson.  In the Letter C's Phonemic Activity you will be able to creatively teach word families to your child.


Through these activities you will see the progress of your child's reading!

Here is a short video to demonstrate this activity: 

Cookie Jar and Letter C

I love teaching the letters with the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart and using PLAY as my main teaching method. 

When learning the letter C I bring my cookie jar and have them "steal" letters from the cookie jar while singing this  familiar tune… 

"Who stole letter______ from the cookie jar?" 
(Jenny) stole letter______ from the cookie jar." 
{Jenny says} "Who me?" 
{I say} "Yes you!" 
{Jenny says} "Couldn't be." 
{I say} "Then who?" 
At this time I choose another child to "steal" a letter from the cookie jar. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Review Letters or Words with the Rock Monster

Amazing Action Alphabet's Beginning Readers is a MUST HAVE for all preschoolers and beginning readers. This book has 26 mini books that build upon each other as the reader progresses and learns more letter sounds and words.

Today we read the My Mom book which introduced the letter O. We reviewed the letters we've learned so far in a fun way with THE ROCK MONSTER. I wrote the letters on pieces of paper and we fed the monster the letters. You can also do this with words if the child is ready.