Monday, March 21, 2016

Quilting on Q Day in Preschool

Let your preschooler quilt like Q, the Queen Bee, in the Amazing Action Alphabet

Q day preschool quilting activity

In the Action Alphabet Activities book the children can use the quilt template to make a pattern quilt, and I'd like to suggest using patterned paper material. 

Q day preschool Amazing Action Alphabet quilting activity

Help the child cut out the quilt squares and glue the squares onto the Q activity printed on card stock paper. Use a hole punch and yarn, and have them "sew" the quilt together while making the /q/ sound each time the "needle" sews the quilt.

Q day preschool quilting

Fantastic work!  During this activity, the preschooler has used his/her MATH skills with the patterns, FINE MOTOR skills while cutting and pasting, and seeing while practicing their PRE-READING skills.   


/Q/ /Q/ /Q/ Quiet...We're Quilting On Q Day

On Q day in preschool you may find us quietly quilting while we explore patterns.  In the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book the letter Q activity is all ready to use!  Some might like to color in the quilt, or even paint in the squares.  I like to cut up scrap material and have the children glue on squares to make a touch and feel quilt!

Quilting craft / activity preschoolers Q day

Since the Letter Q's name is Q the Queen Bee in the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart, we decided we needed to be like Q and be royalty for the day.  We decorated our king or queen crown by making a pattern with shapes. (I love incorporating math into my art projects.)  Smarty Pants Fun had some nice instructions on how they made their crowns.

Crown pattern preshool

Another quick activity on Q day in a game called Quarter Toss.  I thought I had made this game clever of me!  But, with a quick Pinterest search, I saw I was wrong!  Home School Creations has some fabulous ideas for Q day, along with some quarter game rules. :)

Quarter toss preschool Q day

Q day can be quite fun!  Be sure to comment below about any fun Q day activities you have!  

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Help Me Teach The Difference Between b and d

When using the Amazing Action Alphabet children learn the letter sounds almost instantaneously, however some children have a difficult time remembering the letter names. The two most common letters that children have a hard time remembering is the lower case letters "b" and "d." I like to use these visual and verbal tips. 

Teach preschooler difference between "b" and "d"

Lowercase letter "b" has a line and then a circle... I tell the child a bubble blower wand (or a line) comes first and the "bubble" comes next, out from the bottom. 

Teach lower case letters "b" and "d" using bubble wand

Lowercase letter "d" has a circle then a line... I tell the child a circle or "doorknob" comes first then the line (or door) comes next. 

Teach lower case "d" and "be door knob preschool

I hope this tip and visual helps you teach, and if you have an additional ways to teach "b" and "d" comment below! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

K the Kangaroo in Karate Class

This preschooler learns about the letter and sound of K today.  In the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart there is the cutest little story about K the Kangaroo in a karate class.  The kids love to listen to the story over and over again!

YouTube link HERE

I think we have song 11 (Letter K) on repeat most of the time! (and I still LOVE it, that's saying something!)  All of the songs on the Amazing Action Alphabet Sing Along CD are super catchy and fun!  Easiest way to teach letters and sounds for sure.

We enjoyed coloring K the Kangaroo from the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book.

Amazing Action alphabet letter K preschool craft

We learned what a brad is, and put it into place.   Then we started practicing our K's Karate KICK!

Preschool letter K Kanagroo craft

We practiced writing the letter K with a pencil, chalk and even in play doh, but the highlight of the day was learning about Karate!  We showed an AMAZING YouTube video showing a guy breaking 2 cement bricks!

Serious skill!

Then we put our muscles to the test.  We said /k/ /k/ /k/ as we Karate Chopped the tissue paper.  (much easier on the hand)

Kid doing karate chop

Look at that form!

Preschooler Karate Chop

You can easily add more tissue paper and have them COUNT how many they can karate chop!  Kids loved it, and I'm sure you will too!  Happy teaching everyone!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

n & u How to Teach the Difference

Two other letters that are difficult for children to remember are the lowercase letters "n" and "u." Here are a few tips to help the child differentiate the two. 

teaching preschooler the difference between u and n

Lowercase letter "u" has a opening at the top of the letter. I tell the child that it's open so you can fill it up with water for U the pup, found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart book. 

Amazing Action Alphabet u the pup

Lowercase letter "n" has a curve on the top of the letter. I tell the child the curve is like the cure on your fingernail like the mom uses in the story with N the naughty newt, found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart. (The mom shakes her finger and says /n/ /n/ /n/.)

teach preschooler the letter n
 I often draw an n on my fingernail to show the child

I hope this will help a child that you are working with!  What are some tips you use that help?  I love to hear how it's going.  Comment on this blog and let's chat!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I The Insect Itches...i...i...i!

It's I day for my preschoolers, and we are learning about insects and, of course, the letter I.  We crafted, discovered, learned, imagined, read, and discovered some more!  

First we learned about insects.  Hands on learning can be tricky in the cooler weather, but flip over a rock and you'll  be surprised at what you find!  

kids find insects under rock
{image credit here}

I Day Craft
We crafted with the Amazing Action Alphabet Activities  book, and the kids had a lot of fun making wings with their painted hands.  Another fun idea is make sock puppets out of these insects.  Attach an old sock to the back of I the Insect and the kids LOVE flying around the house with their new insect friend.

preschool letter I craft with insects

Teaching Letter Name
When using the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart children usually pick up the letter sounds quite easily.  Learning the letter names can take a little more effort.  Here is a quick idea of how I like to teach the letter name I.  

Teaching preschoolers the word I with an eye ball

I make a lowercase i and then I draw an eyeball on the top.  (get "eye" for the letter name I)  This helps children remember the name of letter I as well as remembering the form of the lowercase letter.

When using the Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader you will notice on lesson 8 the letter /i/ sound is added to their list of sounds taught.  An effective way to help the child read this story is by reminding them that the letter I, when standing alone, is a "stop word."  All stop words do not sound out and must be memorized.  I remind them that when they come to a red light they "stop" and don't sound out. He/She needs to remember the word just by the way it looks.  (Take the word "the" for example.   This word doesn't sound out and consequently is a "stop word.")  I tell the child that the I, when standing alone, is another "stop word."  When we come to the I we say the I's name not the letter I's sound.  To help the child with this concept have them color all the I's RED symbolizing to stop and not say the letter's sound.  (Just for fun, in this story below, we colored all the words "am" yellow and all the words "sit" we underlined in green.  I found that coloring the same words that are used repeatedly in the story further helps the child's reading fluency.)

Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader Book for Preschoolers

Letter Review Game
I couldn't wait to use a PIN I had saved for today!  Thanks Hands On as We Grow, this letter review game is a favorite!  

letter review game with fly swatter on insect day
{image credit here)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Apple Day Activities and Crafts

Preschoolers love learning about the Letter A & Apple Day!  Today I want to share some apple crafts and activities that are easy and fun for young learners.  Using recycled objects for circle painting, chalkboard writing, and sticker crafts all made Apple Day a success!  Other fantastic Apple Unit activities could include an apple rotting experiment, writing in apple sauce,  and playing: "What weighs more than an apple?"
Recycled apple day craft for preschoolers

A the Alligator in the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart was the perfect base to our  A Day activities.  After reviewing the story about "A" and learning what A the Alligator says...we got straight to business!  During each activity we practiced the action for letter "A" and what it says.  Ask any of the kids today, they got it!  

Recycled Apple Painting

I have saved, recycled and rounded objects to be used for circle painting.  Today was just the day to bring them out!  Using objects to paint can be a simple way to incorporate arts and crafts in learning letters and numbers.

painting letter a craft

We talked about what object is taller, wider, shorter, thicker.  Each child was excited to make their own RED, CIRCLE apple.

painting apples with circles

We added a touch of green for the stem, and called it a bushel of fun!

Apple A day painting craft

Chalkboard Letter Writing

We used this chalkboard wall today to practice writing the capital letter A.  After reading this great article "Why kids should work on a vertical surface" you might decide to paint a chalkboard wall too! 

kids writing on chalkboard

Ten Apples On Top 

I love reading a classic apple book!  This book sparked some ideas...How many apples can balance on your head?  The kids thought balancing 2 was quite hard!

ten apples on top

First we drew a little self portrait, using circles of course!  Then we used  circle sticker labels and balanced as many "apples" as we could.

using sticker labels with ten apples on top

There you have it folks!  I hope you enjoyed some apple themed activities for today.  If you like what you saw please join me in my teaching adventures...