Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Letter V the Vulture Vacuums with Preschoolers

V the Vulture is a fantastic visual aide for teaching your preschooler the letter and sound of V.  In the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart children learn that v says /v/ /v/ /v/ similar to the beginning sound in vacuum!   What better way to teach the sound of V than to use an actual vacuum while making the /v/ sound.  Today I engaged multiple senses when we used scratch and sniff "dirt."  Come join us today for some good, clean fun!

Preschoolers Learn Letter V with V the Vulture

In the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book children can color or paint the vulture that is in the shape of the letter V... and it's pushing a vacuum!

Letter V day with V the Vulture

A child can pull the side strip through the bottom of the letter v while emphasizing the /v/ sound in van, violin, vase and vine.  This is a great phonemic activity!

Preschool V day with word strip craft

Teach a Vacuum Poem

I’m a little vacuum,
Hear me vroom,
Over the floor and
All across the room.
When I get all revved up,
See me work,
Cleaning up the carpet
And sucking up the dirt.

Life skills...learn to vacuum!

Be sure to bring out your vacuum and practice the /v/ /v/ /v/ sound while vacuuming the floor.  You can easily put little paper v's on the floor to vacuum up.  Use Variety in your teaching! ;)

Preschool Girl Vacuuming

Enhance Learning V with a Scratch and Sniff Activity

You can have your child pretend to vacuum up "dirt" in a scratch and sniff activity.  Simply have them spread glue in various circles then sprinkle "dirt" on top of the glue.  

Scratch and sniff preschool V day

Today our "dirt" was cinnamon, chocolate powder, nutmeg, and pepper.  

homemade scratch and sniff

Today we engaged multiple senses!

Seeing + Hearing + Smelling + Feeling = Learning

Some other letter V activities I like to use are:

Vacuum V using painters tape
Paper towel V using paint and washable markers
Practice cutting skills using V is for vine activity

Join me on my teaching adventures:


Monday, March 30, 2015

Teaching Letter W While Learning About the Weather AND the Water Cycle

Enjoy learning about the Weather AND the Water Cycle while teaching letter W.  April showers bring May flowers...prefect timing for combining simple topics about the world around us.  This type of learning helps a preschooler's mind grow.  I loved using the W Day activity, (found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book) and I added a few other WONDERRUL ideas found on the web.   Teach the Water Cycle on a BASIC level.  I think this clever water cycle mobile is one to use!  If you're looking for a rainy day activity maybe you could add letters or numbers to this puddle jumping idea.  Whatever you choose, getting a little wet and wiggly with W the Worm is terrific!

Teaching W the Worm with the Water Cycle

Learning the Water Cycle in Preschool

I talk about the water cycle at a BASIC level.

Basic Water Cycle

Gather a few items around the house and get ready to learn!

W the Worm day in Preschool

Use multiple senses while decorating W the worm with chocolate pudding.  

W the Worm with chocolate Pudding

Have your preschooler make some green grass for the worm's habitat.  

cutting grass

We made rain with blue paint, and cotton balls make great clouds! 

Preschool water cycle on W day

Try adding MATH to W day.  Count how many raindrops you see.  Now, count how many clouds.  Don't forget to count the worm!  Include your findings on the bottom or your artwork.

Preschool W day water cycle

It is EASY to add to the basic activities found in the Amazing Action Alphabet books.  What ways do you enhance teaching letter W?

For more ideas using the Amazing Action Alphabet & Number Neighborhood books please follow me.

Friday, March 20, 2015

No Sew Easter Egg Craft

This no sew Easter Egg Craft for preschoolers couldn't be any easier!  When I review the letter E from the Amazing Action Flip Chart , I find it fun to incorporate some EASTER activities as well.  I had some very cute scrap material that I wanted to use, and this was the perfect way to use it.  These Easter eggs come together if just a few simple steps.  If you are looking for other easy and fun Easter egg activities try these Shaving Cream Easter Eggs.  If you are wanting to use paint and recycled cardboard with your toddler check this Easter Painting.  

easter egg no sew preschool craft for e day

Preschooler No Sew Easter Egg Craft

Items you will need:

- colored paper
- scissors
- fabric scraps
- packing tape
- wax paper
- pencil
- a few crafty kids ;)

Gather your supplies and draw a simple outline of an egg.  I cut it out for the younger toddlers, but the older preschoolers did this on their own.  Put a piece of wax paper under the egg template.

toddler easter egg craft

Use horizontal strips of Scotch packing tape to cover the Easter egg template.   The wax paper is used so the tape doesn't stick to the table, making it easier to the kids. 

easy easter egg craft

Gather scrap material and cut into different widths.  The length only needs to cover the Easter egg template.  

scrap material for craft

Have the children choose the strips of material they would like to use, and what order they would like to place them on the egg.  Lay the strips right side down so that when you turn the egg template over you'll see the patterns of the material.  This is a great time to easily talk about patterns, width, length, longer, and shorter.  

making easter egg craft with farbic

I trimmed any extra material hanging over the edge, and taped down the sides to ensure the fabric didn't move.  The kids turned over the egg to see their creation!

no-sew-easer-egg-craf- for-preschoolers-E-day

Easter is around the corner friends!  Enjoy making and teaching those cute little ones!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

RHYMING With Green Eggs & Ham

I like green eggs and ham!
I do!  I like them, Sam-I-am!

Research shows rhyme is powerful, and even essential to learning!  I think Dr. Seuss was brilliant when he wrote his books.  As children are introduced to rhymes at a very young age they may not be aware of the correct terms in the rhyme, but they find the rhymes enjoyable and fun!  As the child progresses into reading, the books that use simple rhymes are a perfect place for a child to feel successful and improve their skills.  Repetition and rhyme give way to rhythm, recognition and memorization, all of which have a HUGE impact on children learning to read.

St. Patricks Day is now 4 DAYS AWAY!  My kids have been looking forward to the silliness of that day for weeks.  One book that I suggest in my Number Neighborhood Activity Book under number 14's Green Day theme is:

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

{I absolutely LOVE this book}

We pulled off a little green eggs and ham on the home front today.  

The kids had a blast helping me!  I like to make green eggs and ham for my preschool class on St. Patty's day.  I found a little eggs-tremely tasty recipe to follow HERE.  OR you can follow our 6 easy picture instructions below.

Step one: 

Notice all my little helping hands!  Oops!  I see a some on the counter there.  It's okay, we're just learning how to crack eggs. ;)

Step two:

Stir away little one.

Step three:

Even a little butter in the pan.  I feel like I'm on the Food Network!

Step four:

Lookin good guys!

Step five:

At this point you may wonder if this is edible.  

Step Six:

It was like I was giving them birthday cake!

We had a blast making something AND reading together!  You can easily tie Green Eggs and Ham into more of your E week activities.  Dr. Seuss's book Horton Hears a Who is about the cutest Elephant book around.  I found this craft a while ago from Catholic Icing  and I want to use it this year!

Another Egg-stremly cool rhyme for E Day is 

Willoughby, Wallaby Woo

Willoughby, Wallaby Wee
An elephant sat on me.
Willoughby, Wallaby Woo
An elephant sat on you!

(continue with pattern using words that rhyme with each child's name)

Willoughby, Wallaby (Wuzzie)
An elephant sat on (Suzzie)
Willoughby, Wallaby (Wed)
An elephant sat on (Ted)!

We just giggle with this cute little thing!  I think that is egg-sactly all I have for today.  Link up to me on my other social media sites and share what good ideas you are using too!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Walking Like an Elephant & Vowel Fun

If you teach in the order I suggest teaching letters, numbers and themes you are about ready to introduce letter E.  I talk about the order to teach themes using the See Hear Do Products in a prior post HERE.

Letter E is the last VOWEL I introduce, and since many children struggle with the differentiation of e, u, and i I like to review these short vowels with a vowel graph.  Have the children help categorize random toys using the MIDDLE sound they hear.  I used the Amazing Action Alphabet Flash Cards found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book.  I made a basic chart with 5 columns.  Gathered some small toys...and away we went!

Your kids don't have to know how to read yet.  Just make this a fun game and annunciate each vowel sound to make this process easier...Caaaaat!    Some of the items I used were: can, cat. ham, hen, pen, lid, pin, doll, dog, block, cup, and bus. 

E the elephant is one of my favorite letters to teach!  I absolutely LOVE this idea from Martha Stewart.   It goes right along my E Day Circus Theme!  

{thank you Martha Stewart}

Try learning a POEM about circus elephants.  I think this one is too cute from Everything Preschool!

A circus elephant I went to see (Hold hand over eyes like binoculars)
He had four legs and was bigger than me. (Hold up four fingers and then point to self)
He had two ears big and round (Show two fingers and make a circle with hands)
And one long nose that made a sound /e/ /e/ /e/ (Make elephant trunk with arm)

One of my favorite books to go along with the Circus theme is:

Elephants on Board by Susie MacDonald
Such a clever book about Elephants getting a flat tire on the way to the circus.  Do you use a Circus theme?  What are some ideas you like to do?  Do tell!

I think this snack is the cutest thing I've seen all day?  

{thank your Ready Set Read}

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Measuring With Snap Cubes

Sorting, counting, measuring and stacking! You name it Snap Cubes are my Go-To for Preschool Measuring and Building.

Today we are building things and talking about the Number 4.  We read the clever story about 4 in the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart, and practiced counting and measuring.  

4 builds a door 4 4 4 !

Number 4 is a builder at heart.  He likes to hammer 4 corners of the door, and he likes to count the 4 sides of the door, 1,2,3,4!  Today we used Snap Cubes (also known as Unifix Cubes) to measure things we found around the house.

How long are the scissors?  How long is your shoe?  Here is a list of other things you might want to measure.

spoon                   pillow                     book                    favorite toy            mug           
doorknob              cup                        computer             remote control        family photo
lamp                    phone                     pencil                  hand                     penny

Building things takes some thinking, planning and measuring!  We started measuring all the doors found in the Number Neighborhood Activity Book (also sold as an eBook).

We kept busy all morning building and measuring!

I found some other fantastic ideas over at The Measured Mom!  Go check her out!

Roll a dice to build a tower.  An easy way to practice recognizing numbers and adding them to a cube tower.

{thanks Measured Mom}

Continue the pattern.   Measured Mom found some great free pattern cards for you at Heidi's Songs.  

{thanks Measured Mom}

So many ways to use Snap Cubes as a teaching tool!  What are some ways you have incorporated them into learning?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Making The Most Of Each Theme

The themes suggested in the Amazing Action Activity Book allows a teacher to incorporate LITERACY, SCIENCE, MATH, and HEALTH while learning each new letter and sound.  

Let's take the letter A for an example.  The theme here is APPLES & ANTS

In the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart the child engages with the teacher while saying /a/ /a/ /a/ each time the ants try to steal A the Alligator's apple.

"/a/ /a/ /a/, give me back my apple!"

Those pesky ants drive us crazy!  So....Why not learn about them?!  Ants are insects.  What makes an insect?  
  • 3 body parts
  • 2 eyes
  • 1 antenna
Did you know...Ants don't have ears.  Ants "hear" by feeling vibrations in the ground through their feet!  
{thanks Erika EdVentures}
After learning a little about ants, let's make our own ant by using the A activity found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book (also available as an eBook).

Lets count...3 finger print body parts, 6 straight legs and 2 googly eyes.  Phew!  Those ants can really dig messes through the sand.  Did you know... there are more than 12,000 different species of ants all over the world!

{example of my A day activity found HERE}

With all that learning...we've worked up an appetite!  Now it's time for a snack!  Ants on a log are suggested in the snack section of the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book.

"Ants on a log" can be a nutritious and yummy!  Celery is a good vegetable, and peanut butter is a great protein.  Top that off with "ants" (aka raisins) you have completed OUTSTANDING teaching for preschoolers on Apple and Ants day.

Please let me know how you've been successful in teaching literature, science, math and health while teaching letters and sounds.  I'd love to know!

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