Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reading Review Game: Swat the Word!

Amazing Action Alphabet's Beginning Reader is a MUST HAVE for all preschoolers and beginning readers.  This book has 26 mini books that build upon each other as the reader progresses and learns more letter sounds and words.  

Today we read the I the Insect book.  We reviewed in a fun way called "SWAT THE WORD!"  I wrote the words from the book on little lady bugs.  

Word Review Game for Amazing Action Alphabet

When my reader read a word he could SWAT that bug.  BAM!  Flat paper bugs are my favorite!

We were itching with fun as we read this book and practiced the /i/ sound!  This Beginning reader is also available as an Ebook for ONLY $6.99!  This game is a fun way to review words from any story or frequently used words.  

Enjoy friends!  

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Creative Ways to Keep the FOCUS of Your Young Reader

Finding fun and creative ways to keep a young reader engaged and focused is always a goal of mine.  I regularly work with children that have learning difficulties and attention issues.  While using my Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader, I have found 3 tried and tested ways to make reading more enjoyable while keeping a child's focus. 

Make a "peak-hole" or "window" to keep their focus and concentration on each specific word.  It is amazing how eliminating all the other words clears up the mind and the child can read and focus better.

Peak hole or window focus game

Children LOVE using gadgets to help make reading more enjoyable.  Try using a tongue depressor with an eyeball indicating where to "look and read."

Focus game for preschool reading

Spooky witches fingers aren't just for Halloween!  Try using one for your child to use as they track and read.  

Witches finger helps keep child focused on reading

The more enjoyable it is for the learner, the more enjoyable it is for the teacher!  WIN / WIN!

Monday, May 23, 2016

We're Highlighting Letter Y Today ...Yippee!

Amazing Action Alphabet knows that preschoolers learn their letters and sounds best when taught with a hands on activity.  Young learners love to yell like Y the yak!  Listen to them yell with delight as they color the yak with the yellow fluorescent marker while moving his yellow yo-yo up-and-down! 

Amazing action alphabet highlighter letter activity

This activity is found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book. I always supply the children with a variety of coloring devices. Today the children used a fluorescent marker, and they LOVED the brightness of the letter y in the shape of a yak!  

Letter Y preschool activity

While you have those highlighters out you may consider this fantastic math activity from Where Imagination Grows.

Black light number activity

We use this handwriting activity ALL THE TIME from Kids Activities Blog.

Highlight names and writing practice for preschoolers

Yahoo for Y Day!  We are almost finished with our school year... and now I'm thinking of all the ways to review over the summer to keep our minds fresh.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review With ME and the Amazing Action Mini Reader

Beginning reading 101 >> 

For your preschooler to retain knowledge of letter names and sounds used in the Amazing Action Alphabet we review on a regular basis. In the Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader the letters are NOT taught in alphabetical order. Instead, the letters are taught using the most commonly used sounds first, making it possible to quickly make words. Before each lesson we review each sound practiced like you see in this video.

I love using a slide to blend sounds making words for a beginning reader.  

Here we are in the fourth lesson blending the four sounds taught thus far.  We have learned M, T, A and S letters and sounds.  Using a "slide" as we "slide" these sounds together that are contained in the story.

Review letter sounds with a slide for preschoolersUsing a slide to teach words to preschoolers

Reviewing letters and sounds regularly is key to your child's success!  

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Learning Letter Z with a REAL ZIPPER!

Learning the alphabet letter z is such fun with the Amazing Action Alphabet! Today preschoolers zipped our black and white painted zebra in his own sleeping bag!   

Amazing Action Alphabet Z Day Activity For Preschoolers

A zebra, in the shape of a Z, is found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book.  A sleeping bag is also found in the activities book with a pretend zipper they can zip up and down making the /z/ sound. BUT...I thought it would be EXTRA fun to buy REAL ZIPPERS that they could move up and down!   We made bigger sleeping bags (by enlarging the Z activity page) and carefully hot glued a zipper to one side.

Z day activity or craft for preschoolers with a sipper and a sleeping bagAmazing Action Alphabet Letter Z the Zebra

 It ended up being a zippy-do-da-day!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Quilting on Q Day in Preschool

Let your preschooler quilt like Q, the Queen Bee, in the Amazing Action Alphabet

Q day preschool quilting activity

In the Action Alphabet Activities book the children can use the quilt template to make a pattern quilt, and I'd like to suggest using patterned paper material. 

Q day preschool Amazing Action Alphabet quilting activity

Help the child cut out the quilt squares and glue the squares onto the Q activity printed on card stock paper. Use a hole punch and yarn, and have them "sew" the quilt together while making the /q/ sound each time the "needle" sews the quilt.

Q day preschool quilting

Fantastic work!  During this activity, the preschooler has used his/her MATH skills with the patterns, FINE MOTOR skills while cutting and pasting, and seeing while practicing their PRE-READING skills.   


/Q/ /Q/ /Q/ Quiet...We're Quilting On Q Day

On Q day in preschool you may find us quietly quilting while we explore patterns.  In the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book the letter Q activity is all ready to use!  Some might like to color in the quilt, or even paint in the squares.  I like to cut up scrap material and have the children glue on squares to make a touch and feel quilt!

Quilting craft / activity preschoolers Q day

Since the Letter Q's name is Q the Queen Bee in the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart, we decided we needed to be like Q and be royalty for the day.  We decorated our king or queen crown by making a pattern with shapes. (I love incorporating math into my art projects.)  Smarty Pants Fun had some nice instructions on how they made their crowns.

Crown pattern preshool

Another quick activity on Q day in a game called Quarter Toss.  I thought I had made this game clever of me!  But, with a quick Pinterest search, I saw I was wrong!  Home School Creations has some fabulous ideas for Q day, along with some quarter game rules. :)

Quarter toss preschool Q day

Q day can be quite fun!  Be sure to comment below about any fun Q day activities you have!