Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Surprise for YOU!

Some days I feel like it's all I can do to BREATH!  

Since I introduced you to my new Number Neighborhood book I have been barely breathing!  I've had a HUGE goal this spring to finish the Number Activity Book.   

This past month I have been squeezing in more work hours, stretching my creativity and trying to produce an Activity Book you will LOVE...yesterday, when working with my illustrator, I could see the book coming together!  I believe the Number Neighborhood Activity Book will be ready for YOU in mid August!!!  Yahoo! 

This Activity Book will correlate directly with the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  Teaching the numbers with the Flip Chart's stories, visuals, and actions will be enhanced by these activities!

I will give you some sneak peeks of the activities here, on the blog, in the next few weeks.   

A while back I talked about my themes HERE.  Today I want to show you the Theme Day page in the Number Neighborhood Activity Book.

                                                                                               0- Hero Day
1- Hair Day
2- Shoe Day
3- Tree Day
4- Building Day
5- Bee Day
6- Fire Safety Day
7- Stars Day
8- Birthday Day
9- Fancy Day
10- Friendship Day
11- Pet Day
12- Clock Day
13- Pumpkin Day
14- Green Day
15- Recycling Day
16- Water Day
17- Seasons Day
18- Music Day
19- Fairy Tale Day

As you can see...we talk about some really fun ideas in the Number Neighborhood books.  The stories from the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart, and this Activity book will be a sure way to teach the numbers and number values to your kids this fall!

You may have questions...comment on this post and ask me anything!  I know so many of you are preparing for your upcoming school year, and getting a Number Activity book may be just the thing you need. ;)

Thanks SO much for your continued support--- and happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

P is for /P/ /P/ /P/ ~~~ PAJAMAS!

Such a simple idea makes the kids Soooo EXCITED!

On Pajama Day the children come dressed in their P.J.'s 

We sing There Were 10 in the Bed.  If you don't know it, each time you sing it one person rolls out of the bed and then you start over again with one less.  It's great for counting backwards and introducing subtraction.  I LOVE the way Teaching Two does it on her blog making popsicle stick people and putting it in the reading center for kids to play with.

We plan on eating Pancakes...

We read my favorite Pancakes Pancakes book by Eric Carle

We enjoy making our Pancake Graph...

We spend some time sharing our Favorite Bedtime Poems and nursery rhymes.  You may wish to choose one or two for the children to memorize, or even illustrate!

  • Hush Little Baby
  • Rock a Bye Baby
  • Good Night Sleep Tight
  • Wee Willie Winkie
  • The Land of Nod
  • The Man in the Moon
  • Winken, Blinken and Nod
Have fun with your special Pajama Day!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Positive Reinforcement...Word of the Day

Children need learning environments that are safe, positive, nurturing, and stimulating!  Earlier this week I found this environment  when I visited Whisper Creek Preschool  located in Draper, Utah.  

Terri Michaels shared with me a simple positive reinforcement idea that she uses with The Amazing Action Alphabet. She uses an encouraging “word of the day” that starts with the letter of the week.  

These words are located at the end of each Amazing Action Alphabet CD song.  Here is a written list of the words she uses...

A - Amazing!
B - Brilliant!
C- Cool!
D - Dynamite!
E - Excellent!
F - Fantastic!
G - Great Job!
H - Hurrah!
I Incredible! 
J - Good Job!
K - Great Kicking!
L - Lovely!
M - Magnificent!
N - Nice Work!
O - Outstanding!
P - Perfect!
Q - Terrific Quality!
R - Remarkable!
S - Splendid!
T - Terrific!
U - Unbelievable!
V - Very Nice!
W - Wonderful!
X - X-Exactly!
Y - You Yelled (yodeled) Perfectly!
Z - Zoopendous!

They consist of “zoopendous” for Z-Day day, “brilliant” for B-Day, “incredible” for I-Day and “magnificent” for M-Day.   

For a quick reference she wrote these words under each letter on the Amazing Action Alphabet Placemat. Thanks Terri for sharing this clever idea!  What ideas do you want to share? 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let's Talk About It...

I'm sure you have heard a great deal about the new buzz word.... "Common Core." 
What is the "Common Core?" The "Common Core" are educational standards for K-12th grade, made by our educational departments.  The "Common Core" is being implemented in schools across the country, and its implementation affects early childhood educators LIKE YOU!

The question I continually receive is, 
"Do your books meet the Common Core standard for Pre-K?" My answer is

Preschool LANGUAGE Standards That Is Met in the 
Amazing Action Alphabet Books:
  • Read daily from a variety of literature genres. (Suggested reading material is found in my Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book.)
  • Create a language-rich environment, including eye-level alphabet charts, reading centers, listening centers, writing centers, and dramatic play centers. (Wall Cards are and various dramatic puppets activities are found in my Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book.  The Handwriting book and Handwriting 2 book are an available aid in your writing centers.)
  • Include literacy props, materials, and literature in learning centers.  (Wonderful suggestions are found in my Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book. For example, I the Insect is a wonderful puppet as well as U, the Pup. Each can be used as literacy props in a dramatic play center.)
  • Give children opportunities to present, such as show and tell and sharing work.  (With the suggested theme, located in my Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book, I encourage the children to come to school with something to share about the Letter for the week.  For example, on B, the Bear Day, they come to school with their favorite bear, and share with their fellow students about their special bear.  Another example would be on O, Opera and Talent Day, each students shares with the class a special talent they have.)
  • Participate in and encourage pretend play.  (Again, so many suggestions are in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book.  After completing an activity, I encourage my children to pretend play with their creation.  For example, K, the Kangaroo, Z, the Zebra, L, the Lizard, M, the Moose and others can be used as a prop for pretend play.)
  • Use a wide variety of media and presentation forms, including storytelling, pictures or drawings, posters, appropriate multimedia presentations, drama, show and tell, signs, paintings, sculptures, puppets, and hand signs.  (The Amazing Action Alphabet Flip chart is an ideal use of hand signs, stories, The Amazing Action Alphabet CD is another form of a multimedia item that can be used.)
  • Sing a wide variety of songs, including those that reflect the cultural makeup of the world.  (The Amazing Action Alphabet CD has a great variety of songs!)
  • Provide opportunities to memorize a variety of rhymes, including chants, poems, and nursery rhymes.  (Suggested nursery rhymes are located in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book.)
  • Play with language by making up silly words, singing rhyming songs, and playing with children's names.
I hope this helps you connect the dots between "Common Core" Standards AND The Amazing Action Alphabet learning tools.  Please don't hesitate to email me with any further questions relating to this issue. Thanks friends!  Have an AMAZING day!

Monday, July 14, 2014

40% OFF!!!

I know so many teachers are planning and preparing for their upcoming school year.  For a short time I wanted to offer you 40% off when you order 8 OR MORE Handwriting or Beginning Mini Reader books!

Call me directly at 1-801-598-8887 to get this AMAZING deal!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Have Kids With Speech Issues?

Using the The Amazing Action Alphabet books to teach reading readiness skills is a wonderful teaching tool for children with speech difficulties.  Over the past year I have experienced this first hand while working at the Scottish Rite Learning Center. EVERY CHILD has made significant progress when learning letters and sounds by 

{thanks for the pic HERE}

When teaching the letter names and sounds, IN ADDITION to the lessons taught by the speech and language pathologists, more retention and progress is made across the board! I suggest the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart and CD for all parents who have children with speech problems and are 2-6 years old. 

It has been an eye opening learning experience working along side a speech pathologist with 30+ experience such as 
Helen Brinton M.A., CCC-Sp.

Themes And A Throw Back Blog Post Enhancing #19

When teaching preschoolers we teach by making connections from the child's life experiences to learning. Their "life experiences" include things within their family, home and community.  Using themes can be a great way to make that connection!

In my Amazing Action Alphabet books there are themes that  correlate with each letter.  You can easily see my themes on the right hand side of my blog...over there--->>>
They are also found in the front of my Activity Book.

For example, A day we talk about Apples and Ants.  When I begin teaching a letter I introduce the letter using the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart.  I then use the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book to reinforce the letter.  Here is letter A's activity page using the child's thumb prints to make the ants who are angry at A the Alligator (which correlates to A's story in the flip chart)...


After initially teaching the letter and sound you then supplement your OWN creative ways to treach the letter A incorporating all of your favorite teaching activities.  

I read individually with my Pre-K kids every day beginning with the Beginner Reader Mini Books.  When I first introduce a letter I also introduce the correlating mini book.  These mini books build upon each other intoducing different sight words as the child progresses through each letter of the alphabet.  I typically spend 3 days reading the same mini book and have them practice it at home every night to gain confidence and repetition.  

My teaching tools are geared for YOU as the teacher.  Whether you are a homeschooling parent or a preschool teacher you will find flexibility in using these books!

My new Number Neighborhood Flip Chart teaches numbers in a similar fashion.  I have themes that correlate with each number found to your right, on the side bar over there --->>>

I am CRAZY busy trying to finish my Number Neighborhood Activity book!  Every conference you all wonder "Where is it?", and I have to say it is getting closer!  I am pushing for THIS SEPTEMBER!

Many of you have been ordering my books for your new 2014 - 2015 classes.  I know you're planning for a successful year, and I hope you find my books help reach your goals as a teacher.

Today I want to do a "throw back blog post" showing how to draw a castle using blocks.  This fits right into the theme for Number 19 

Fairy Tale Castle

Step 1: Trace a square shape block with a black marker or crayon.

Follow the rest of the steps to make the Castle HERE.

Fast forward 30 minutes and you will have your own work of art.

Thanks for hanging in there ended up to be a lengthy post!  What kind of themes do you find work best?  What doesn't work for you?  I would love to hear how these themes are working for you!  Happy Monday everyone!