Friday, September 5, 2014

Activities for Number 3...All About Trees!

Three grows a tree...3, 3, 3!  In my Number Neighborhood Flip Chart number 3 knows how to grow beautiful trees.  There are 3 things to grow trees...soil, water, and sun.

{image found HERE}
Here is a variation for YOUNGER CHILDREN using number 3's activity found in the Number Neighborhood Activity Book. Instead of following the instructions and drawing each bird in the tree, try using play-doh.  Using red, yellow and blue for the birds in the tree will be a great tactile activity.

Encourage the child to place 3 red birds, 3 blue birds and 3 yellow birds in the tree.  Remember to touch and count teach bird.  

For OLDER CHILDREN, those having better use of their fine motor skills, have them use dot stickers and place 3 blue dots, 3 yellow dots and 3 red dots in the tree.  Then simply have the child add beaks, wings and feet to each bird.  Now practice counting each bird.

You can find these dot stickers in most stores that sell office supplies.  They are often called 'Color Coding Labels' I grabbed mine from HERE.

Three grows a tree...3, 3, 3!  The school year is officially started.  You're kids are going to learn so much about trees and growing things with number 3 this month.  Here are a couple of tree jokes to keep your kids thinking, and giggling!  

Q.  Do you know what a tree's lease favorite month is?  
A.  Sep-timber!

Q.  Why did the leaf go to the doctor?
A.  It was feeling green!

Q.  What kind of tree can fit into your hand?
A.  A palm tree!

{image via Examiner}

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pairs, Doubles, Twins...Talking About Number 2

Today we introduced Number 2 with the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  I began by reading Number 2's story.  Oh how she loves things that come in PAIRS!  Number 2 is a little western gal that can always be found wearing her shiny red cowboy boots. I love how she feeds her 2 horses, Salt and Pepper, and she plays with her 2 dogs, Cookies and Milk.    

When talking about Number 2 it is ideal to gather shoes and help the children to graph how many different kinds of shoes they have.  I talked about this in a prior post... {HERE}.

{image via Teach Preschool}
A variation of the Number 2 activity, found in the Number Neighborhood Activity Book, is to copy Number 2's activity page in four different colors.

Cut out each section of shoes and give the child an assortment of shoes to graph.

Have the child place the shoes on the graph.  Practice counting the different pairs of shoes.  Which kind of shoes have the MOST?  Which ones have the LEAST?  Any type of shoes EQUIL to another type?

The child can then color each pair of shoes they received.

Ta-Da!  The children are able to SORT, COUNT, and GRAPH with this fun activity!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

You Are A Hero! & Secret Art Tricks For Kids

Coming back to school is always a fun and exciting time of year.  In the first few days we talk a lot about who we are, and what makes each child so SPECIAL!   

image via 

Today I had the kids come as a superhero.  Heros are often ordinary people that can do extraordinary things!  Heros can save the day!  Heros are people you can look up to and try to be like.  


In conjunction with this theme I introduce NUMBER ZERO!  Zero is a hero! 0...0...0!  This is the chant we say when learning about Zero in the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  Review the story from the Flip Chart and talk about how important Zero is.  

A creative way to learn the value of ZERO is to play simon says.

Simon says jump 3 times.
Simon says blink 2 times.
Simon says yawn 0 times. ;)
Simon says turn around 4 times.
Simon says flap your arms 0 times. ;)

You get the point.  The kids just grin when you ask them to do things ZERO times, 
and so do I! (try asking them to clean their room 0 times today, or eat 0 more bites of their least favorite food)  We love ZERO the HERO!

In the Number Neighborhood Activity Book the Zero Activity gives instructions on how to draw the very best superhero out there. . .

I have the child use a black crayon or marker for the eyes, noes and mouth.  Also color the super hero's clothes and hair with crayons.  Now, for the part that REALLY makes it look good. {shhhhh...I'm going to share with YOU my little secret for art portraits today}  Use watered down craft paint for the skin, and remind the child not to color the whites of the eye.  I water the paint down to 50% water and 50% paint.  

Another secret I have...try painting with q-tips.  It is a lot easier for the child!

There is a Super Hero inside all of us, 
we just need courage to put on the cape!

Thank you to all those SUPERHERO moms and teachers!  
To the world you may be just a teacher, 
but to your students you are a HERO!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Swiss Days Here I Come!!!

I am preparing for some FUN at SWISS DAYS this weekend, August 29th - 30th!  If you have never been---come join the fun!

I will be there FRIDAY at 10 am  - close & SATURDAY at 9 am - 6 pm

I will have all my books including my NEW
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The "BOOK SHOP" has asked me and a few other AMZING authors to participate in this event!  I am thrilled to be working with some of my favorites...

Michael McLean ---Author of his new book... "Fairy Tale Christmas"

Julianne Donaldson ---Author of the proper romance books "Edenbrooke" & "Blackmoore" 


Jana Schofield ---Author of "What's For Dinner" & "What's For Breakfast"

Swiss Day's isn't just for books.  There are hundreds of booths of just about anything you can think of.  A little something for everyone!  Maybe you're like me and need to stalk up on Christmas! ...(did I just say Christmas! ...Gasp!)

Grab a friend and I'll see ya there!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Teaching Number 11 with Greater Than & Less Than

Getting closer!...

My Number Neighborhood Activity Book is hitting my STORE in September.  Keep watching for updates!

Today I wanted to give you a sample of NUMBER 11.

With this activity we talk about GREATER THAN & LESS THAN.  As always, I first review the story and introduce NUMBER 11 from my Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  This story talks about NUMBER 1, and her perfectly made bun (see here debut HERE).  Number 1 gets together with her best friend, a TEEN, and together they train a pet dog named Kevin.

Preschoolers LOVE learning about pets!  With Number 11's activity we see that our pet Kevin likes to eat the BIGGER pile of bones.

First we get the activity ready...


Then I put the bones into two different piles for my little one to count.

The child then decides which one is GREATER, and which one is LESS.  Kevin, our pet, always wants to eat the GREATER pile of bones.  So we position his mouth to eat that pile.

I created the dog to easily flip to whichever pile is correct!   I grabbed some Scooby-Doo graham cracker snacks and tried again and again...

We had a lot of fun counting and feeding 11's pet Kevin today!

You will love how easy this activity is, and the kids LOVE counting piles and piles of bones!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Number Neighborhood Book Review & Giveaway

Just wanted to make a quick SHOUT OUT to my friend Katie at Gift of Curiosity.  She posted a fabulous review on the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  PLUS a free book Giveaway!  I LOVE her blog...see for yourself!

Flip through her post and see what she personally uses to teach...

Great teaching ideas for YOU...

Want to share some of your teaching ideas?  Contact me at We can share your ideas too!  Thanks Gift of Curiosity!