Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pinocchio Teaches How To Hold A Pencil

Our good old friend Pinocchio taught us how to hold the pencil correctly today!

First I talked about Pinocchio's story...

Pinocchio has a short nose when he tells the truth...and a long noes when he tells a lie.

Remind your child that the "nose" of the pencil needs to be short.

When the "nose" of the pencil is too long it's hard to have control of the pencil, which makes it hard to write.

Look at that!  I found this really easy to teach, and the kids remembered the Pinocchio visual quickly.

Just use this link to print a picture of Pinocchio.  Carefully cut out his head including a little notch for his nose.  Tape the paper Pinocchio to the child's thumb.  Help the child place the pencil in the notch of Pinocchio's nose.  Have your children practice holding the pencil correctly.

How fun is that!  Now we are ready to practice writing with our Amazing Action Handwriting Book 2.  Look at all those honest, short noses!  Love it!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Get Your Easter Craft On

Easter is days away and I know many of you like to plan a Easter craft with your special little ones.  I have tweaked a few ideas and came up with this one to share!  WARNING:  This is quite messy, BUT don't let that discourage you!  I know, I know, a messy craft wants you to skip this idea altogether, but today when we did this the kids were GIGGLING and eating this activity right up!

When our kids ask for "those paints", or "all that play-doe" our inner voice is like...seriously there is NO way I want to clean up after that!  We must remember that kids NEED to be kids!  They love to learn in all different ways, many are not so clean.  SO...get out those old t-shirts and let's begin!

Step one:  You will need a paper Easter basket {like this one}, paper eggs (use white card stock), food coloring and shaving cream.

** I had my children cut out their own Easter basket, but I pre cut the eggs to save time :)!**

Step two:  Place a little shaving cream and a drop of food coloring on each egg.

Step three:  Have the children spread the shaving cream on the eggs.  

Step Four:  Place the eggs in the basket when dry.

The kids were SO proud of their eggs, and the colors were beautiful!  Happy Easter Weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Who Am I?

As I teach the letters and sounds I try to find a different and unique way to review each day.  Today we reviewed in Hedbanz Game style...

You can create your own headband by a simple strip of card stalk stapled together.  Paperclip an Amazing Action Alphabet letter card (found at the back of your Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book) to your headband.

Have the child ask their classmates or friend "Who Am I?"  Have the other children show the letter's corresponding action and sound.  The child with the letter on their head gets to guess the letter's name!

There are  hundreds of ways to review letters and sounds.  Remember to look at the back of your Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book for more great ideas to review on the "Letter Card Activities" page.

What review ways have you found successful and fun?!

Ohhh, and if you're wanting to play the inspiration to the "Who am I"  game with your kids...
check this out!

{found here}

Happy teaching everyone!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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It's your lucky day!  With the successful childhood conference I wrapped up this past weekend, I decided to extend my 20% discount on your total purchases through the end of the month.  That is 5 days ladies and gentlemen, and lucky don't have to stand in long lines!  :)

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Thanks, and happy shopping!  Sale ends midnight March 31st.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meeting Dr Jean

Just spent the weekend at the early childhood conference at Weber State University. I met many early childhood educators and hope that I was able to help them with my workshop and materials. A highlight was meeting the famous Dr Jean. 

She is now 67 years old and still dances and sings those preschool tunes that so many children love!  {Check out her songs here}  Thank you Dr Jean!  Such a pleasure to meet you!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Meet F The Flamingo

The weather in our classroom is being a little Funky.  I see Frost on the window, and snow Flurries in the air...pull out the winter box!  Scarves, hats, boots, gloves and get read to meet F the Flamingo!

F the flamingo is FREEZING!  She belongs in a lake with lots of sun.  She says /f/ /f/ /f/ as she tires to warm her Feet and Feathers.  Have your children practice saying /f/ when dressed up like F the Flamingo.

/f/ /f/ /f/

If a child has a hard time saying /f/, you can help by reminding the child to put their lower lip to their top teeth and blow...see that isn't too hard!

When preparing the activity for F the flamingo from The Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book, be sure to copy each section of the flamingo using different colored paper before having the students cut each part.


Now have the children shake their feezing flamingo back and forth as they make the /f/ /f/ /f/ sound. 

Now crank up the heat in here because I am FREEEEZZZZINGGGG!  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Friends...Let Me Review With You

So many of you are new to my Amazing Action Alphabet books, and I want to welcome you to my early childhood teaching blog!

If you need a simple review of my Flip Chart book (the basis of all my letter recognition and sounds material) review this video from a prior post HERE,

Learning letters and sounds can easy and fun!  Enjoy teaching your children, and feel the success with this AMAZING program!

Shhhhh... These preschoolers are practicing their OWN letters and sounds now.  Happy Learning!