Tuesday, January 13, 2015

M the Moose with his Mustache

Today at the Dollar Store I came across this...

I can't contain myself when I see mustaches. Seven for a buck!  Fun times ahead!

One hour and 12 minutes later...{because we were counting down the minutes until we could open these babies up}  I pulled out M the Moose from the AMAZING ACTION ALPHABET ACTIVITY BOOK and decided to work on the /M/ sound.

We colored here...

and colored there...

and cut two little slits here & here...{all directions and M the Moose page found HERE}

AND THEN...we were FINALLY ready to put on the MUSTACHE and Munch!

/m/ /m/ /m/ macaroni, /m/ /m/ /m/ milk, /m/ /m/ /m/ meat. /m/ /m/ /m/ muffin

At this point we had worked up an appitite with all the fuss about the mustache.  We decided to read one of my favorites...

by Margie Palatini

This Rapunzel length moostache makes for a hilarious story.  We tried to contain our self while we wore our mustaches.

{thanks RealSimple for the pic}
Moral of the story...you can learn anything when wearing a mustache! ;)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Some SMOKIN' HOT Fire Safety Review

A few days ago I was visiting with a friend and she told me about an electical outlet in her home that started smoking and almost caught on fire!  Good thing she was home to take care of things...it could have been bad!

This made me think of the what ifs...  What if sometthing caught on fire in my home?  

Do the kids know their fire safety?

I decided we needed a review.  In my Amazing Action Alphabet outline, {located in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity book} I talk about SAFETY when I teach letter S.  I also talk specifically about FIRE SAFETY when I teach number 6 {found in the Number Neighborhood Activity book}.

I read some of my favorite fire safety books to the kiddos today:

by Mercer mayer

by Norman Bridwell

I talked a little about STOP, DROP & ROLL...


{image found HERE}

I pulled out Number 6's activity in the Number Neighborhood Activity book and had some fun painting and counting some campfires.

I grabed some RED paint...

and some ORANGE paint...

I guided my little girl to use the back of the plastic fork and create flames...

The fork made some pretty cool textures and designs!...

We added some red to make the fames really HOT, and placed the right amount of sticks under each campfire...

Overall we had a SMOKIN' HOT time! ;)

Friday, December 12, 2014

It's the Simple Things

Just wanted to share a wonderful variation to my Christmas idea from last year.  I got THIS beautiful picture today from a mom that had fun with her 2 year old.

She used things she had around the house!  {imagine that!}  Little hand print, spraying glitter on paper and help in placing precut shapes...looks like a perfect activity!

Thanks for sharing!

PS...have you noticed my eBooks available in my STORE....Yippee!  

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Using Manipulitives & Other Teaching Tools

Using math manipulitives to aid in teaching numbers and number values can help you teach in a creative and interactive way.  Today I want to share how I teach Number 5 in detail using  one of my favorite manipulitives...pattern blocks.

A child is first introduced to Number 5 in the Number Neighborhood flip chart.  In the story we hear about Number 5's grandpa showing him how to gather honey from the beehive.  After sharing the story and learning the corresponding 'action' I then use the Number Neighborhood Activity to enhance the child's learning.  

In the early stages of discovery, educators and teachers should use manipulatives to teach math concepts in a engaging hands-on way.  For example, in number 5's activity I provide you with a beehive template where the child can practice counting as they cover each bee with wooden pattern blocks or other marker.  

This activity also helps you explore number 5 with a finger play.   I am a firm believer in using finger plays while teaching the early learner.

Finger plays are a FANTASTIC way to introduce children to new words and increase their vocabulary.  They help children connect vocabulary to words they hear in stories and in every day conversation.  They also help children learn sentence structure and practice speaking in complete sentences. 

In my number 5 activity the finger play does a few things...

It Teaches:
1.  Counting
2.  Subtraction
3.  Number Order

When we use rhymes with poems or finger plays we also teach the child how to follow directions in a fun way.  I have mentioned a number 5 finger play HERE in a prior blog post.  Today I wanted to share my little poem that helps children follow directions as we get all the bees in the beehive.

Five little bees
buzzing in a hive.
It was time to make honey,
so one flew inside...

We continue saying this little poem counting backward until ALL the bees are safely covered inside.

NOW, I saved the best for last...The way we make the bees in the activity uses the child's fine motor skills and creative juices! Your child will love making their little beehive and using their thumbprint as the bee!  {Don't worry, all the details are right here in Number 5's Activity instructions}

Some of my ALL TIME favorite teaching math manipulatives for hands-on learning are:

FOOD: Pretzels, Cereal, Marshmallows.  Make snack time fun!  

{pic via Playdough to Plato}

LINKING CUBES: Great for adding or subtraction or length or mass or building or...It's just a MUST have in the classroom!

BUTTONS:  Sorting, pattering, adding, playing...all that fun stuff!

 {pic via Hands On As We Grow}

What are some ways you use math manipulitives to teach your little ones?  Do share!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Giveaway at Gift of Curiosity!

Have you heard the news?  Katie over at Gift of Curiosity did a FABULOUS review on my Number Neighborhood Activity Book.  Today she has a free book to giveaway...

Check it out HERE!

I have been personally following Katie and I find her teaching style very similar to my own.  In fact she says this about my Amazing Action Alphabet books & my Number Neighborhood books...

"They truly are the backbone of my letter learning and number learning curriculums, and have been extremely effective in helping my daughter learn her letters and numbers."

I LOVE when people use my teaching tools and find SUCCESS in teaching their little ones!  

Katie says on her blog...

"What I enjoyed about the Number Neighborhood Activities book is that all of the activities are quite different, so kids don’t get bored by them. All of the activities focus on different math skills such as comparing sizes, graphing, measuring, counting, adding, and more. Plus, each activity is related to the fun and simple story for that number in the Number Neighborhood flip book."

I'm thinking Katie knows what she is talking about when it comes to teaching.  She has a Ph.D in child development, her masters degree in education, and most importantly a mother and teacher of her two little ones .  I love how she is sharing her wealth of knowledge with all of us through her great blog!

I'd encourage you to follow her like I have and see what you think.  With all her free printables and great teaching ideas... she will NOT disappoint you!  

Thanks Katie at Gift of Curiosity.  Keep on sharing!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BEWARE of the Spooky Vowels...

In my Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart the letter I is really itching to tell you his sound...

The /i/ /i/ /i/ sound can be a hard for some children.

MANY children mix up the vowels E, U, and I.  

A fun way for a child to remember the /i/ sound is by dressing up letter I in a simple witches hat.  Don't forget lower case i, he doesn't want to be left out!

I found it easy to practice this sound when pretending you're a witch. Exaggerate and cackle the /i/ sound!  Crinkle up your noes and do the letter I action by pretending to scratch your itch like I does in the insect story .  Now, in your witchiest voice say... 

/i/ /i/ /i/

Dressing up letters can be fun for the holidays.  I talk about more letter dress up ideas HERE.

Hope you're ready for the sugar high this Friday.  I know my kids are counting down the hours!  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Number 13 Likes Halloween!

In the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart book, Number 3 joins together with a "teen" and together they become number 13. {Notice how cute they are dressed up for Halloween?}   

A fun Halloween activity for number 13 is located in the Number Neighborhood Activity Book. Place the jack-o-lantern, with numbered teeth, in a sheet protector. Have the child roll one or two dice.  Today I made paper dice for my child to use so I could make sure ALL the numbers were picked quickly.

Have the children count the number on the dice, and color the total number on the jack-o-lantern's tooth with a dry erase marker. OR... place a candy corn on the tooth. 

Okay, so I always pick candy corn over dry erase marker...but you can decide what works best for YOU! ;)

When all the teeth are shaded or covered, the child has finished. This activity is perfect for counting and identifying numbers 1-13!

You can simplify the game shading in numbers 6-12. Instead of using 2 dice have the child use one dice and locate numbers 1-6. You could also ask the child a number and if they can identify the number they can cover the number.

So many ideas for Halloween!  One that I want to try is this one from 1 + 1 + 1= 1...

and this one from Kids Activity Blog looks awesome!

Have a great one friends!  ...Now I'm off finding the finishing touches for my little pumpkins' Halloween costumes! ;)