Friday, August 7, 2015

Preschoolers Learn Numbers Through Rhymes & Activities

Teach your preschooler numbers through RHYMES and hands-on ACTIVITIES.  At the See Hear Do Company we use the Number Neighborhood Activity Book and Flip Chart to teach children numbers and number values.  Preschoolers enjoy exploring numbers with a variety of manipulatives.  Take the number SEVEN for example.  In the STORY found in the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart number seven is learned through rhyme; 

"7 Lives In Heaven"

Number Neighborhood Activity teaching preschooler

The clever character 7, his life in heaven, and the rhyme bring to life number seven.  The activity of counting cotton balls or marshmallows makes learning the value of seven more concrete.  Today we had fun with our head in the CLOUDS!

Amazing Action Alphabet teach preschool numbers and values

Placing the corresponding number of cotton balls or marshmallows in the cloud makes adding EASY & FUN!

Number Neighborhood Number Seven Activty

We practiced identifying numbers in a similar way. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!

Teach number cloud activity

Today I used a hands on activity here.  We love our "Cloud Sensory Bin."  Thank you For the Love of Learning, great idea!

Preschooler number sensory bin
{photo credit here}

Hope you are having success in teaching your preschoolers.  Don't forget to connect with me for my latest ideas and teaching tips...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Free Letter & Sound Review Games

Are you needing a FREE letter and sound review game for your preschooler?  I thought so.

I have 3 fabulous Amazing Action Alphabet Review Games I want to give away to my friends.

Brown Bear

brown bear letter review

I use Brown Bear Review Activity with the familiar chant from Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  Place the Amazing Action Alphabet review cards (found in the back of the Activity Book) on top of the Brown Bear's belly.  Review the revised chant:

Brown Bear,
Brown Bear,
What do you see?
I see a "(say the name of the letter)" 
Looking at me!

In the Brown Bear PDF file you would receive the Brown Bear template.  

Alphabet Parking Lot

letter review activity for preschooler

I love the Alphabet Parking Lot Review Game!  You can easily have your child play with their toy car on this alphabet road.  You can give simple instructions to help your child review.

alphabet letter review activity for preschooler

Drive to the letter K?
Drive to the letter that says the sound /R/.
What is the 3rd letter past the pond?

In this PDF file you would receive all 3 pieces of the Alphabet Parking Lot activity.

Mr. Alligator & Swinging Letters  

Mr alligator swinging letters for preschooler

Mr. Alligator is one of my favorites!  I use a revised version of the familiar song "Teasing Mr. Alligator".

5 little letters swinging in the tree
Teasing Mr. Alligator
"Can't catch me!"
"Can't catch me!"
Along comes Mr. Alligator
As quiet as can me
And SNAPS a "D" 
Right out of the tree!

In this PDF file you would receive the alligator and all 26 letters.

How Do I Get My Free Game?

I am happy to email you a PDF file of one of the above games!  In exchange I need you to complete ALL of the following.

1.  Share most current POST on my Facebook page.

2.  PIN one or more of the Review Games on Pinterest. 

3.  Email me at  Put in the Subject line: Free Review Game.  Write your name and what day you completed the above sharing on social sites.   I'll confirm your request and send you your favorite review game as quick as I can!

Thanks friends!  The more you share...the more I can create for you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Edible Snacks & Letter Review Ideas

Making snack time a learning experience can be a loads of fun in preschool.  

A simple and edible way to review letters is to give a child pretzel sticks and ask them make various letters with the pretzels.  Don't you love the great ideas at the See Hear Do Company!

pretzel letter snack

Have you heard of Cheez It Scrabble?  Yep!  Grab a box for the little ones today.  This looks like a hit from Activity Mom.

gheez it letter snack game

Using licorice to make letters and words is easy and fun too.  Thanks Miss Mancy.

licorice letter snack in preschool

What creative snack times do you have with your kids?  Do share!

Cookie Jar Letter & Sounds Review Game

Summer is a great time review letters and sounds! After being introduced to the letters using The Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart review the letters and sounds with this well known song

Who Stole The Cookies From Cookie Jar?

cookie jar review game

Simply get a cookie jar or find a printable cookie jar from the internet. Cut out a few "cookies" from paper and write letter names on the "cookies" and place them in a jar. 

cookie jar template

Repeat the following revised chant:

Teacher says: "You stole a letter from the cookie from the cookie jar!"
Child says: "Who me?"
Teacher says: "Yes, you! Let's see!"

Amazing Action Alphabet Cookie Jar Review

Child shows the teacher the letter written on the cookie. If child says the name of the letter (or you can ask for the letter sound) they can keep the "cookie" in their pile. If the child forgot the letter name (or sound) the teacher tells the child the name (or sound) and they put the cookie back in the cookie jar. The goal is to keep all the "cookies" from the cookie jar.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Water Day Learning Activities & Preschool Fun!

Catch the wave with your preschoolers as you use literacy, science and math on "Water Day!"  First, read about number 16 from the  Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  Surf's up for my little 16 that loves camping and canoeing .  Read the story and you'll see why 16 wears sunscreen!

number 16 preschool sink or float activity

Sink or Float Activity

The radical sink or float instructions and template are found in the Number Neighborhood Activity Book.  Gather some of the objects I suggest in the activity.  I totally know you'll have all the items, but grab a few extras for good measure!  

Items for sink or float activity in preschool

We pulled out our Sink or Float Chart for everyone.

Teach preschool sink or float activity with number 16

Ask the little dudes to use their scientific mind to predict if the object will sink or float.  Now let them test their predictions!

preschool kids sink or float

Follow the chart and let the kids mark the correct column.  With 2 and 3 year olds you might want to graph their findings on the Activity Page together.  

Alphabet Wipe Out!

Gather some squirting devises.  (i.e. squirt bottles, water guns...)  Now have the kids "wipe out" some letters, numbers, or even shapes that you wish to review.

water activity

Dude!  I think your ready!

preschool squirt water activity

Cowabunga!  You got it!

soak letter b
Who made up this tubular game?

water letter m

We had a radical time, and all this work makes us thirsty of a tall glass of WATER!

kids drink water
{Photo credit Super Healthy Kids}
Sunscreen Writing and Science

Lastly, we decided to  experiment with a little sunscreen.

sunscreen preschool activity
{photo credit Kids Activity Blog}
Thank you Kids Activity Blog for such a fantastic idea!  Have your kids paint their name on a paper using sunscreen.  Put the paper in the sun for a few hours and you will find the sunscreen protects the paper leaving your child's name.

preschool paint name in sunscreen activity
{photo credit Kids Activity Blog}
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Monday, May 18, 2015

Simple Teaching Game for Preschoolers >>>Tic-Tac-Toe Style

Educational letter and reading games make learning fun, and when things are fun the child is happy.   Here is a review game I use with the Amazing Action Alphabet flip chart and with the Amazing Action Alphabet beginning reader.   My kids love this game, and when I use it they barely notice they are actually practicing or learning.  
Letter or word review game for preschoolers

Easy Review Game Similar to Tick-Tack-Toe 
Step 1: Simply make a template and laminate it so you can reuse it time and time again:).
template for letter or word review game

Step 2: Use a dry erase marker to write the letters or words you wish to review in each square.
Letter review game like tick tac toe

Step 3: Write the same letter or words on separate strips of paper and place them in a "hat."
Step 4: Have the child take a letter or word from the "hat" and say the letter sound or read the word on the strip of paper. After they say it correctly, they place marker on the letter or word on the template. 
word review game like tic tac toe

Once the child has three markers in a row they "win." You can play this in a group setting or a one-on-one setting. Over the years I've noticed that the child doesn't need to compete against anyone, they just like filling their template with the markers.
Live In Art had  a fun idea to play tic-tac-toe outside.  I think I want to make some of these in my backyard!  Add some letters with calk on each square tile for an added measure of learning!

outside tic tac toe game for preschoolers

Do you have any letter or word review games for preschool you would like to share?  E-mail me and I would love to link your idea on my blog!  Teachers are like that...we like to share.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Exploring Letter X with Career Day and the Human Body

Preschoolers love Amazing Action Alphabet's letter X the Fox, and teachers love the hands-on activity of taking an X-ray.  The combination of the SEEING, HEARING and DOING makes this teaching method a success!  The visual is of the fox in the shape in an X, and the action is pretending to take an X-ray while saying /X/ /X/ /X/.  This is fun for every style of learner.   I choose to talk about careers while teaching letter X.  I also find it a perfect time to explore the human body.   

Teach letter X preschool activity

Exploring the Letter X

The theme is Career Day...and why not? It would be a doctor who would take an X-Ray wouldn't it?  (okay, it may be and X-ray technician, but you get the point!)  So of course we talk about X-rays and engage in dramatic play as we dress up as doctors. I found a free download from Tried and True of animal X-rays that the children really enjoyed.

X-ray preschool printables

When a child takes an "X-ray" of X the fox they find the letter X inside his body.   You can grab my Alphabet Activity eBook and print your X the Fox activity right now!

Amazing Action Alphabet Letter X Actvity

To add even a bit more excitement to this day the children used white paint to make a hand print, which happens to look just like a hand X-ray.  Thanks Almost Unschoolers for a simple way to paint the hand bones!

preschooler paints hand bones 

What ideas to you do for the letter X?   Hang in there friends.  We only have like 5 weeks left of school around here.  We can do this!