Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BEWARE of the Spooky Vowels...

In my Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart the letter I is really itching to tell you his sound...

The /i/ /i/ /i/ sound can be a hard for some children.

MANY children mix up the vowels E, U, and I.  

A fun way for a child to remember the /i/ sound is by dressing up letter I in a simple witches hat.  Don't forget lower case i, he doesn't want to be left out!

I found it easy to practice this sound when pretending you're a witch. Exaggerate and cackle the /i/ sound!  Crinkle up your noes and do the letter I action by pretending to scratch your itch like I does in the insect story .  Now, in your witchiest voice say... 

/i/ /i/ /i/

Dressing up letters can be fun for the holidays.  I talk about more letter dress up ideas HERE.

Hope you're ready for the sugar high this Friday.  I know my kids are counting down the hours!  

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