Friday, June 27, 2014

Playing Dress Up Today!

We had A LOT of fun playing dress up today with our letters.  Exposing our kids to letters over and over is our goal.  Today I grabbed a few Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Charts and started thinking about what fun HATS they would want to wear.

I googled "hat clip art" and found thousands of great ideas...

Christmas Santa hat HERE

 birthday party hat HERE

4th of July's Uncle Sam's hat HERE

and witch's hat HERE

The ideas are endless!  Print the clip art and carefully cut out each hat.  You might consider laminating these little cuties because your kids are gong to ask for them throughout the year...I promise!  

I grabbed some reusable adhesive like this one found at a local hardware or craft store. 

LOVE this product found HERE

I put a small amount of the adhesive on each hat to secure the letter.
S likes her Fireman's hat

V wanted to cast a magic spell

C was a little shy and chose to wave the American Flag
We all had a great time making our letter friends silly!  

What are some of your ideas to review letters and sounds?  Inquiring minds want to know!  

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