Thursday, October 23, 2014

Number 13 Likes Halloween!

In the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart book, Number 3 joins together with a "teen" and together they become number 13. {Notice how cute they are dressed up for Halloween?}   

A fun Halloween activity for number 13 is located in the Number Neighborhood Activity Book. Place the jack-o-lantern, with numbered teeth, in a sheet protector. Have the child roll one or two dice.  Today I made paper dice for my child to use so I could make sure ALL the numbers were picked quickly.

Have the children count the number on the dice, and color the total number on the jack-o-lantern's tooth with a dry erase marker. OR... place a candy corn on the tooth. 

Okay, so I always pick candy corn over dry erase marker...but you can decide what works best for YOU! ;)

When all the teeth are shaded or covered, the child has finished. This activity is perfect for counting and identifying numbers 1-13!

You can simplify the game shading in numbers 6-12. Instead of using 2 dice have the child use one dice and locate numbers 1-6. You could also ask the child a number and if they can identify the number they can cover the number.

So many ideas for Halloween!  One that I want to try is this one from 1 + 1 + 1= 1...

and this one from Kids Activity Blog looks awesome!

Have a great one friends!  ...Now I'm off finding the finishing touches for my little pumpkins' Halloween costumes! ;)

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