Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Giveaway at Gift of Curiosity!

Have you heard the news?  Katie over at Gift of Curiosity did a FABULOUS review on my Number Neighborhood Activity Book.  Today she has a free book to giveaway...

Check it out HERE!

I have been personally following Katie and I find her teaching style very similar to my own.  In fact she says this about my Amazing Action Alphabet books & my Number Neighborhood books...

"They truly are the backbone of my letter learning and number learning curriculums, and have been extremely effective in helping my daughter learn her letters and numbers."

I LOVE when people use my teaching tools and find SUCCESS in teaching their little ones!  

Katie says on her blog...

"What I enjoyed about the Number Neighborhood Activities book is that all of the activities are quite different, so kids don’t get bored by them. All of the activities focus on different math skills such as comparing sizes, graphing, measuring, counting, adding, and more. Plus, each activity is related to the fun and simple story for that number in the Number Neighborhood flip book."

I'm thinking Katie knows what she is talking about when it comes to teaching.  She has a Ph.D in child development, her masters degree in education, and most importantly a mother and teacher of her two little ones .  I love how she is sharing her wealth of knowledge with all of us through her great blog!

I'd encourage you to follow her like I have and see what you think.  With all her free printables and great teaching ideas... she will NOT disappoint you!  

Thanks Katie at Gift of Curiosity.  Keep on sharing!

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