Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Surprise for YOU!

Some days I feel like it's all I can do to BREATH!  

Since I introduced you to my new Number Neighborhood book I have been barely breathing!  I've had a HUGE goal this spring to finish the Number Activity Book.   

This past month I have been squeezing in more work hours, stretching my creativity and trying to produce an Activity Book you will LOVE...yesterday, when working with my illustrator, I could see the book coming together!  I believe the Number Neighborhood Activity Book will be ready for YOU in mid August!!!  Yahoo! 

This Activity Book will correlate directly with the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  Teaching the numbers with the Flip Chart's stories, visuals, and actions will be enhanced by these activities!

I will give you some sneak peeks of the activities here, on the blog, in the next few weeks.   

A while back I talked about my themes HERE.  Today I want to show you the Theme Day page in the Number Neighborhood Activity Book.

                                                                                               0- Hero Day
1- Hair Day
2- Shoe Day
3- Tree Day
4- Building Day
5- Bee Day
6- Fire Safety Day
7- Stars Day
8- Birthday Day
9- Fancy Day
10- Friendship Day
11- Pet Day
12- Clock Day
13- Pumpkin Day
14- Green Day
15- Recycling Day
16- Water Day
17- Seasons Day
18- Music Day
19- Fairy Tale Day

As you can see...we talk about some really fun ideas in the Number Neighborhood books.  The stories from the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart, and this Activity book will be a sure way to teach the numbers and number values to your kids this fall!

You may have questions...comment on this post and ask me anything!  I know so many of you are preparing for your upcoming school year, and getting a Number Activity book may be just the thing you need. ;)

Thanks SO much for your continued support--- and happy Wednesday everyone!

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