Monday, August 4, 2014

L The Lizard with Bubble Wrap

 Today we were playing around with Bubble Wrap and decided to make L the Lizard have some TEXTURE! From the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book I copied L the Lizard activity on white card stalk.  Grabbed the paint, paint brushes, bubble wrap, scissors and glue...

I really liked the way it turned out!  We thought and pretended what L the Lizard would do on a day like today.  We went out side and put our minds to work...

Funny how such a simple craft can get our minds going!  As we played with L the Lizard we thought about all the L words we could think of.

Lazy, log, long, lopsided,  lick, listen, lemon, lipstick, large, leg, last, lullaby...  The list kept going.  Hope you are enjoying a lazy afternoon!

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