Tuesday, July 22, 2014

P is for /P/ /P/ /P/ ~~~ PAJAMAS!

Such a simple idea makes the kids Soooo EXCITED!

On Pajama Day the children come dressed in their P.J.'s 

We sing There Were 10 in the Bed.  If you don't know it, each time you sing it one person rolls out of the bed and then you start over again with one less.  It's great for counting backwards and introducing subtraction.  I LOVE the way Teaching Two does it on her blog making popsicle stick people and putting it in the reading center for kids to play with.

We plan on eating Pancakes...

We read my favorite Pancakes Pancakes book by Eric Carle

We enjoy making our Pajama Graph...

We spend some time sharing our Favorite Bedtime Poems and nursery rhymes.  You may wish to choose one or two for the children to memorize, or even illustrate!

  • Hush Little Baby
  • Rock a Bye Baby
  • Good Night Sleep Tight
  • Wee Willie Winkie
  • The Land of Nod
  • The Man in the Moon
  • Winken, Blinken and Nod
Have fun with your special Pajama Day!

Another quick activity to review the letter P!

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