Monday, July 7, 2014

Themes And A Throw Back Blog Post Enhancing #19

When teaching preschoolers we teach by making connections from the child's life experiences to learning. Their "life experiences" include things within their family, home and community.  Using themes can be a great way to make that connection!

In my Amazing Action Alphabet books there are themes that  correlate with each letter.  You can easily see my themes on the right hand side of my blog...over there--->>>
They are also found in the front of my Activity Book.

For example, A day we talk about Apples and Ants.  When I begin teaching a letter I introduce the letter using the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart.  I then use the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book to reinforce the letter.  Here is letter A's activity page using the child's thumb prints to make the ants who are angry at A the Alligator (which correlates to A's story in the flip chart)...


After initially teaching the letter and sound you then supplement your OWN creative ways to treach the letter A incorporating all of your favorite teaching activities.  

I read individually with my Pre-K kids every day beginning with the Beginner Reader Mini Books.  When I first introduce a letter I also introduce the correlating mini book.  These mini books build upon each other intoducing different sight words as the child progresses through each letter of the alphabet.  I typically spend 3 days reading the same mini book and have them practice it at home every night to gain confidence and repetition.  

My teaching tools are geared for YOU as the teacher.  Whether you are a homeschooling parent or a preschool teacher you will find flexibility in using these books!

My new Number Neighborhood Flip Chart teaches numbers in a similar fashion.  I have themes that correlate with each number found to your right, on the side bar over there --->>>

I am CRAZY busy trying to finish my Number Neighborhood Activity book!  Every conference you all wonder "Where is it?", and I have to say it is getting closer!  I am pushing for THIS SEPTEMBER!

Many of you have been ordering my books for your new 2014 - 2015 classes.  I know you're planning for a successful year, and I hope you find my books help reach your goals as a teacher.

Today I want to do a "throw back blog post" showing how to draw a castle using blocks.  This fits right into the theme for Number 19 

Fairy Tale Castle

Step 1: Trace a square shape block with a black marker or crayon.

Follow the rest of the steps to make the Castle HERE.

Fast forward 30 minutes and you will have your own work of art.

Thanks for hanging in there ended up to be a lengthy post!  What kind of themes do you find work best?  What doesn't work for you?  I would love to hear how these themes are working for you!  Happy Monday everyone!

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