Thursday, November 3, 2016

Reviewing Letters with Nail Polish on N Day

Children love learning about the "naughty" newt in the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart! The newt is "naughty" because he writes on the walls with nail polish! So of course we explore the letter N with nail polish! 

Teaching letters and sounds with nail polish review activity

Use the nail polish to review the letters taught by painting each letter on the nail. I found a basic Hand Clip Art for you to use!

Hands preschool nail polish activity craft letters sounds review game

You can simply ask the child to identify the letter on each nail. If the child is correct they can paint the nail with nail polish. 

child painting with nail polish preschool learning letters and sounds

Or you can ask the child to identify the letter that begins with a specific word. (e.g. "Paint the nail that begins with the word pan." The child would obviously paint the nail that has the letter p on it.)

hands nail polish review game activity colorful nails preschool fun

Another enjoyable activity is matching the uppercase letters on the nail polish bottle with the lower case letters on a brush. I simply found a Nail Polish  template and wrote the letters on the brushes and bottles. 

Nail Polish Preschool Letters and Sounds Review Game

A matching game really shows the teacher if the learner knows the skill taught.

Nail Polish Preschool Letter and Sound Review Game

Using nail polish is a great way to build fine motor skills. Many children do not want to use a pencil, but find painting with the nail polish much more enjoyable.

Using the nail polish uses the same motor skills as using a pencil... So your child is now "writing" with pleasure!

Name in Nail Polish for Preschool Review game colorful activity

Stop by our store and grab an Amazing Action Alphabet book for someone on your gift list this season!

Preschool Learning with Amazing Action Alphabet book Review letters and sounds with nail polish activity and game

Here is a video to show you a fun lesson idea with the letter N! 


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