Thursday, September 22, 2016

Most Common Mixed-up Letters... a, b, d

I've worked with children in classrooms and one-on-one for over 20 years.  What I'm about to share is a SIMPLE WAY to help the child remember the difference between 4 very similar letters.  Let's revisit the lowercase letters b and d as well as lowercase a and p. It is such a common error of most children to reverse these letters!  While reviewing the letters with the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart I also bring out these cards.

My very favorite way to help children remember these letters is to say...

b.. Draw a wand first (straight line) then add the bubble (circle)

Bubble Blower - Bubble

d... Draw a door knob first (circle) then draw a door (straight line)

teaching letter d preschool
Door Knob - Door

a... Draw an apple (circle) then add a small tree branch (short line)

teaching letter a in preschool
Apple - Branch

Isn't this fun!  I hope you can use this great teaching tip today.  What are things that have worked for you?  Together we can teach these kids.

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