Monday, April 17, 2017

How to Teach Your Preschooler to Write Their Name

Writing can sometimes be a frustrating process for your preschooler. In conjunction with the Amazing Action Alphabet Writing Book one and two, I use these 4 steps in teaching the child to write his or her name. These 4 steps are enjoyable and lead to success in those early writing years.  (Ebooks also available>> Handwriting Books Level one and two) 

Teaching handwriting for preschoolers

Step 1: Cut out each letter of the child's name and place a dot, or an apple, indicating where they begin. Place the name in a sheet protector and have the child stay in the lines while tracing their name with a dry erase marker. I use this for the first half of the year for my three and four year olds in conjunction with the Amazing Action Alphabet Handwriting Book Level One

Handwriting beginning with apples

Step 2: After your child can stay within the lines I move on to making the letters in his or her name in blocks.  I still give the child a starting point and a few other dots to help them form his or her name correctly. Use the sheet protector along with a Mister Clean Eraser so they can practice daily.  

Amazing Action Alphabet Handwriting for Preschoolers

Step 3: The last year of preschool or even kindergarten I use my Amazing Action Alphabet Handwriting Level Two Book. At this stage we talk about top middle and bottom lines. We discuss how apples fall DOWN, (see this blog post for more information about teaching handwriting and apples falling down) and when they write they will have their apple starting at the top of the letters falling down. The Tree Template (found in the Handwriting Level Two Book) helps with his concept! Be sure to have the name in a sheet protector so your child can practice again and again.

Handwriting lines for preschoolers with apples

Step 4: The last step... at this time your child should feel confident writing within the lines going in the correct direction for each letter!


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