Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blending sounds for Early Readers

I've been talking a lot about blending sounds, and it's because it can be the first big hurdle to reading! Using a variety of blending templates for your preschooler or early reader helps keep them engaged and makes learning enjoyable.

Here is an example of reviewing sounds we've already learned with a student:

While using the Amazing Action Alphabet Mini Book I also take the time to review the word list in each story before reading that story.  Today I am reviewing the word family /on/.

teach reading blending train


Create a train template with simple train clip art.  I found a cute one HERE.   Laminate your template and you'll use this over and over again.  I promise!  

Preschool reading train

First sound out the letters separately. Second, push the train cars together and have the child blend the sounds.  Say things like; "Try saying it faster!" or "Keep the train running, don't stop in between sounds."

Train blending word families

Try teaching the word families together by changing the first letter on the train.

train blending word famlies


There you have your new favorite blending game!  I had an old game from a teaching supply store that I didn't use much.  I changed it up and used it to teach simple words and word families.  Be creative!  You might have something in your file cabinet that could work for you!  

Reading train

Some of your children might not be ready for blending sounds together.  A great pre-reading train themed ideas would be to create a train template like I found on the Thriving Home Blog.   Play a matching game with the wheels being the upper or lowercase letters.  What a great idea!

Letter matching train

Another fantastic pre-reading activity I found on Still Playing School.  Print out some train tracks and practice the sounds in a word you're working on.  I have my eye on her blog!

train track letter sounds

Choo!  Choo!  This train has places to go.

Another great idea to practice word families. This is an example of how to review the /at/ family.

Until next time!

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