Monday, May 23, 2016

We're Highlighting Letter Y Today ...Yippee!

Amazing Action Alphabet knows that preschoolers learn their letters and sounds best when taught with a hands on activity.  Young learners love to yell like Y the yak!  Listen to them yell with delight as they color the yak with the yellow fluorescent marker while moving his yellow yo-yo up-and-down! 

Amazing action alphabet highlighter letter activity

This activity is found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book. I always supply the children with a variety of coloring devices. Today the children used a fluorescent marker, and they LOVED the brightness of the letter y in the shape of a yak!  

Letter Y preschool activity

While you have those highlighters out you may consider this fantastic math activity from Where Imagination Grows.

Black light number activity

We use this handwriting activity ALL THE TIME from Kids Activities Blog.

Highlight names and writing practice for preschoolers

Yahoo for Y Day!  We are almost finished with our school year... and now I'm thinking of all the ways to review over the summer to keep our minds fresh.  

Here is a fun way to review after learning the letter Y: 

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