Thursday, June 2, 2016

Creative Ways to Keep the FOCUS of Your Young Reader

Finding fun and creative ways to keep a young reader engaged and focused is always a goal of mine.  I regularly work with children that have learning difficulties and attention issues.  While using my Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader, I have found 3 tried and tested ways to make reading more enjoyable while keeping a child's focus. 

Make a "peak-hole" or "window" to keep their focus and concentration on each specific word.  It is amazing how eliminating all the other words clears up the mind and the child can read and focus better.

Peak hole or window focus game

Children LOVE using gadgets to help make reading more enjoyable.  Try using a tongue depressor with an eyeball indicating where to "look and read."

Focus game for preschool reading

Spooky witches fingers aren't just for Halloween!  Try using one for your child to use as they track and read.  

Witches finger helps keep child focused on reading

The more enjoyable it is for the learner, the more enjoyable it is for the teacher!  WIN / WIN!

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