Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review With ME and the Amazing Action Mini Reader

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For your preschooler to retain knowledge of letter names and sounds used in the Amazing Action Alphabet we review on a regular basis. In the Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader the letters are NOT taught in alphabetical order. Instead, the letters are taught using the most commonly used sounds first, making it possible to quickly make words. Before each lesson we review each sound practiced like you see in this video.

I love using a slide to blend sounds making words for a beginning reader.  

Here we are in the fourth lesson blending the four sounds taught thus far.  We have learned M, T, A and S letters and sounds.  Using a "slide" as we "slide" these sounds together that are contained in the story.

Review letter sounds with a slide for preschoolersUsing a slide to teach words to preschoolers

Reviewing letters and sounds regularly is key to your child's success!  


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  2. Oh thank you Cindy! Stop by again soon.