Thursday, May 5, 2016

Learning Letter Z with a REAL ZIPPER!

Learning the alphabet letter z is such fun with the Amazing Action Alphabet! Today preschoolers zipped our black and white painted zebra in his own sleeping bag!   

Amazing Action Alphabet Z Day Activity For Preschoolers

A zebra, in the shape of a Z, is found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book.  A sleeping bag is also found in the activities book with a pretend zipper they can zip up and down making the /z/ sound. BUT...I thought it would be EXTRA fun to buy REAL ZIPPERS that they could move up and down!   We made bigger sleeping bags (by enlarging the Z activity page) and carefully hot glued a zipper to one side.

Z day activity or craft for preschoolers with a sipper and a sleeping bagAmazing Action Alphabet Letter Z the Zebra

 It ended up being a zippy-do-da-day!

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