Monday, March 21, 2016

Quilting on Q Day in Preschool

Let your preschooler quilt like Q, the Queen Bee, in the Amazing Action Alphabet

Q day preschool quilting activity

In the Action Alphabet Activities book the children can use the quilt template to make a pattern quilt, and I'd like to suggest using patterned paper material. 

Q day preschool Amazing Action Alphabet quilting activity

Help the child cut out the quilt squares and glue the squares onto the Q activity printed on card stock paper. Use a hole punch and yarn, and have them "sew" the quilt together while making the /q/ sound each time the "needle" sews the quilt.

Q day preschool quilting

Fantastic work!  During this activity, the preschooler has used his/her MATH skills with the patterns, FINE MOTOR skills while cutting and pasting, and seeing while practicing their PRE-READING skills.  

Here is a video to show you how to introduce the letter Q:


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