Monday, March 21, 2016

/Q/ /Q/ /Q/ Quiet...We're Quilting On Q Day

On Q day in preschool you may find us quietly quilting while we explore patterns.  In the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book the letter Q activity is all ready to use!  Some might like to color in the quilt, or even paint in the squares.  I like to cut up scrap material and have the children glue on squares to make a touch and feel quilt!

Quilting craft / activity preschoolers Q day

Since the Letter Q's name is Q the Queen Bee in the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart, we decided we needed to be like Q and be royalty for the day.  We decorated our king or queen crown by making a pattern with shapes. (I love incorporating math into my art projects.)  Smarty Pants Fun had some nice instructions on how they made their crowns.

Crown pattern preshool

Another quick activity on Q day in a game called Quarter Toss.  I thought I had made this game clever of me!  But, with a quick Pinterest search, I saw I was wrong!  Home School Creations has some fabulous ideas for Q day, along with some quarter game rules. :)

Quarter toss preschool Q day

Q day can be quite fun!  Be sure to comment below about any fun Q day activities you have!  

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