Wednesday, January 6, 2016

K the Kangaroo in Karate Class

This preschooler learns about the letter and sound of K today.  In the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart there is the cutest little story about K the Kangaroo in a karate class.  The kids love to listen to the story over and over again!

YouTube link HERE

I think we have song 11 (Letter K) on repeat most of the time! (and I still LOVE it, that's saying something!)  All of the songs on the Amazing Action Alphabet Sing Along CD are super catchy and fun!  Easiest way to teach letters and sounds for sure.

We enjoyed coloring K the Kangaroo from the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book.

Amazing Action alphabet letter K preschool craft

We learned what a brad is, and put it into place.   Then we started practicing our K's Karate KICK!

Preschool letter K Kanagroo craft

We practiced writing the letter K with a pencil, chalk and even in play doh, but the highlight of the day was learning about Karate!  We showed an AMAZING YouTube video showing a guy breaking 2 cement bricks!

Serious skill!

Then we put our muscles to the test.  We said /k/ /k/ /k/ as we Karate Chopped the tissue paper.  (much easier on the hand)

Kid doing karate chop

Look at that form!

Preschooler Karate Chop

You can easily add more tissue paper and have them COUNT how many they can karate chop!  Kids loved it, and I'm sure you will too!  Happy teaching everyone!

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