Tuesday, January 5, 2016

n & u How to Teach the Difference

Two other letters that are difficult for children to remember are the lowercase letters "n" and "u." Here are a few tips to help the child differentiate the two. 

teaching preschooler the difference between u and n

Lowercase letter "u" has a opening at the top of the letter. I tell the child that it's open so you can fill it up with water for U the pup, found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart book. 

Amazing Action Alphabet u the pup

Lowercase letter "n" has a curve on the top of the letter. I tell the child the curve is like the cure on your fingernail like the mom uses in the story with N the naughty newt, found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart. (The mom shakes her finger and says /n/ /n/ /n/.)

teach preschooler the letter n
 I often draw an n on my fingernail to show the child

I hope this will help a child that you are working with!  What are some tips you use that help?  I love to hear how it's going.  Comment on this blog and let's chat!

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