Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Water Day Learning Activities & Preschool Fun!

Catch the wave with your preschoolers as you use literacy, science and math on "Water Day!"  First, read about number 16 from the  Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  Surf's up for my little 16 that loves camping and canoeing .  Read the story and you'll see why 16 wears sunscreen!

number 16 preschool sink or float activity

Sink or Float Activity

The radical sink or float instructions and template are found in the Number Neighborhood Activity Book.  Gather some of the objects I suggest in the activity.  I totally know you'll have all the items, but grab a few extras for good measure!  

Items for sink or float activity in preschool

We pulled out our Sink or Float Chart for everyone.

Teach preschool sink or float activity with number 16

Ask the little dudes to use their scientific mind to predict if the object will sink or float.  Now let them test their predictions!

preschool kids sink or float

Follow the chart and let the kids mark the correct column.  With 2 and 3 year olds you might want to graph their findings on the Activity Page together.  

Alphabet Wipe Out!

Gather some squirting devises.  (i.e. squirt bottles, water guns...)  Now have the kids "wipe out" some letters, numbers, or even shapes that you wish to review.

water activity

Dude!  I think your ready!

preschool squirt water activity

Cowabunga!  You got it!

soak letter b
Who made up this tubular game?

water letter m

We had a radical time, and all this work makes us thirsty of a tall glass of WATER!

kids drink water
{Photo credit Super Healthy Kids}
Sunscreen Writing and Science

Lastly, we decided to  experiment with a little sunscreen.

sunscreen preschool activity
{photo credit Kids Activity Blog}
Thank you Kids Activity Blog for such a fantastic idea!  Have your kids paint their name on a paper using sunscreen.  Put the paper in the sun for a few hours and you will find the sunscreen protects the paper leaving your child's name.

preschool paint name in sunscreen activity
{photo credit Kids Activity Blog}
That's gnarly!  Gotta run...follow me on my social sites and I'll let ya know when--Surf's up!

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