Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cookie Jar Letter & Sounds Review Game

Summer is a great time review letters and sounds! After being introduced to the letters using The Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart review the letters and sounds with this well known song

Who Stole The Cookies From Cookie Jar?

cookie jar review game

Simply get a cookie jar or find a printable cookie jar from the internet. Cut out a few "cookies" from paper and write letter names on the "cookies" and place them in a jar. 

cookie jar template

Repeat the following revised chant:

Teacher says: "You stole a letter from the cookie from the cookie jar!"
Child says: "Who me?"
Teacher says: "Yes, you! Let's see!"

Amazing Action Alphabet Cookie Jar Review

Child shows the teacher the letter written on the cookie. If child says the name of the letter (or you can ask for the letter sound) they can keep the "cookie" in their pile. If the child forgot the letter name (or sound) the teacher tells the child the name (or sound) and they put the cookie back in the cookie jar. The goal is to keep all the "cookies" from the cookie jar.

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