Monday, May 18, 2015

Simple Teaching Game for Preschoolers >>>Tic-Tac-Toe Style

Educational letter and reading games make learning fun, and when things are fun the child is happy.   Here is a review game I use with the Amazing Action Alphabet flip chart and with the Amazing Action Alphabet beginning reader.   My kids love this game, and when I use it they barely notice they are actually practicing or learning.  
Letter or word review game for preschoolers

Easy Review Game Similar to Tick-Tack-Toe 
Step 1: Simply make a template and laminate it so you can reuse it time and time again:).
template for letter or word review game

Step 2: Use a dry erase marker to write the letters or words you wish to review in each square.
Letter review game like tick tac toe

Step 3: Write the same letter or words on separate strips of paper and place them in a "hat."
Step 4: Have the child take a letter or word from the "hat" and say the letter sound or read the word on the strip of paper. After they say it correctly, they place marker on the letter or word on the template. 
word review game like tic tac toe

Once the child has three markers in a row they "win." You can play this in a group setting or a one-on-one setting. Over the years I've noticed that the child doesn't need to compete against anyone, they just like filling their template with the markers.
Live In Art had  a fun idea to play tic-tac-toe outside.  I think I want to make some of these in my backyard!  Add some letters with calk on each square tile for an added measure of learning!

outside tic tac toe game for preschoolers

Do you have any letter or word review games for preschool you would like to share?  E-mail me and I would love to link your idea on my blog!  Teachers are like that...we like to share.

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