Thursday, May 7, 2015

Exploring Letter X with Career Day and the Human Body

Preschoolers love Amazing Action Alphabet's letter X the Fox, and teachers love the hands-on activity of taking an X-ray.  The combination of the SEEING, HEARING and DOING makes this teaching method a success!  The visual is of the fox in the shape in an X, and the action is pretending to take an X-ray while saying /X/ /X/ /X/.  This is fun for every style of learner.   I choose to talk about careers while teaching letter X.  I also find it a perfect time to explore the human body.   

Teach letter X preschool activity

Exploring the Letter X

The theme is Career Day...and why not? It would be a doctor who would take an X-Ray wouldn't it?  (okay, it may be and X-ray technician, but you get the point!)  So of course we talk about X-rays and engage in dramatic play as we dress up as doctors. I found a free download from Tried and True of animal X-rays that the children really enjoyed.

X-ray preschool printables

When a child takes an "X-ray" of X the fox they find the letter X inside his body.   You can grab my Alphabet Activity eBook and print your X the Fox activity right now!

Amazing Action Alphabet Letter X Actvity

To add even a bit more excitement to this day the children used white paint to make a hand print, which happens to look just like a hand X-ray.  Thanks Almost Unschoolers for a simple way to paint the hand bones!

preschooler paints hand bones 

What ideas to you do for the letter X?   Hang in there friends.  We only have like 5 weeks left of school around here.  We can do this!

Here are two fun activities you can do while reviewing the letter X.


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