Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Walking Like an Elephant & Vowel Fun

If you teach in the order I suggest teaching letters, numbers and themes you are about ready to introduce letter E.  I talk about the order to teach themes using the See Hear Do Products in a prior post HERE.

Letter E is the last VOWEL I introduce, and since many children struggle with the differentiation of e, u, and i I like to review these short vowels with a vowel graph.  Have the children help categorize random toys using the MIDDLE sound they hear.  I used the Amazing Action Alphabet Flash Cards found in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity Book.  I made a basic chart with 5 columns.  Gathered some small toys...and away we went!

Your kids don't have to know how to read yet.  Just make this a fun game and annunciate each vowel sound to make this process easier...Caaaaat!    Some of the items I used were: can, cat. ham, hen, pen, lid, pin, doll, dog, block, cup, and bus. 

E the elephant is one of my favorite letters to teach!  I absolutely LOVE this idea from Martha Stewart.   It goes right along my E Day Circus Theme!  

{thank you Martha Stewart}

Try learning a POEM about circus elephants.  I think this one is too cute from Everything Preschool!

A circus elephant I went to see (Hold hand over eyes like binoculars)
He had four legs and was bigger than me. (Hold up four fingers and then point to self)
He had two ears big and round (Show two fingers and make a circle with hands)
And one long nose that made a sound /e/ /e/ /e/ (Make elephant trunk with arm)

One of my favorite books to go along with the Circus theme is:

Elephants on Board by Susie MacDonald
Such a clever book about Elephants getting a flat tire on the way to the circus.  Do you use a Circus theme?  What are some ideas you like to do?  Do tell!

I think this snack is the cutest thing I've seen all day?  

{thank your Ready Set Read}

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