Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Measuring With Snap Cubes

Sorting, counting, measuring and stacking! You name it Snap Cubes are my Go-To for Preschool Measuring and Building.

Today we are building things and talking about the Number 4.  We read the clever story about 4 in the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart, and practiced counting and measuring.  

4 builds a door 4 4 4 !

Number 4 is a builder at heart.  He likes to hammer 4 corners of the door, and he likes to count the 4 sides of the door, 1,2,3,4!  Today we used Snap Cubes (also known as Unifix Cubes) to measure things we found around the house.

How long are the scissors?  How long is your shoe?  Here is a list of other things you might want to measure.

spoon                   pillow                     book                    favorite toy            mug           
doorknob              cup                        computer             remote control        family photo
lamp                    phone                     pencil                  hand                     penny

Building things takes some thinking, planning and measuring!  We started measuring all the doors found in the Number Neighborhood Activity Book (also sold as an eBook).

We kept busy all morning building and measuring!

I found some other fantastic ideas over at The Measured Mom!  Go check her out!

Roll a dice to build a tower.  An easy way to practice recognizing numbers and adding them to a cube tower.

{thanks Measured Mom}

Continue the pattern.   Measured Mom found some great free pattern cards for you at Heidi's Songs.  

{thanks Measured Mom}

So many ways to use Snap Cubes as a teaching tool!  What are some ways you have incorporated them into learning?

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