Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pairs, Doubles, Twins...Talking About Number 2

Today we introduced Number 2 with the Number Neighborhood Flip Chart.  I began by reading Number 2's story.  Oh how she loves things that come in PAIRS!  Number 2 is a little western gal that can always be found wearing her shiny red cowboy boots. I love how she feeds her 2 horses, Salt and Pepper, and she plays with her 2 dogs, Cookies and Milk.    

When talking about Number 2 it is ideal to gather shoes and help the children to graph how many different kinds of shoes they have.  I talked about this in a prior post... {HERE}.

{image via Teach Preschool}
A variation of the Number 2 activity, found in the Number Neighborhood Activity Book, is to copy Number 2's activity page in four different colors.

Cut out each section of shoes and give the child an assortment of shoes to graph.

Have the child place the shoes on the graph.  Practice counting the different pairs of shoes.  Which kind of shoes have the MOST?  Which ones have the LEAST?  Any type of shoes EQUIL to another type?

The child can then color each pair of shoes they received.

Ta-Da!  The children are able to SORT, COUNT, and GRAPH with this fun activity!

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