Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shoe Day

We are literally hours away from the Number Neighborhood book debut!  In my number book, number 2 wears shiny red cowgirl boots.  You are going to LOVE her!  I wanted to share with you a simple activity that we did when talking about the number 2.

Ask the children to SORT their SHOES.  We sorted in the following categories:

*running shoes
*flip flops
*dress shoes

Put the shoes in a line and see which line has the MOST?  What line has the LEAST?

Try counting by 2's and find out HOW MANY are in each category.

How about measuring your own shoes with counters?!  Great idea from the The Kinder Garden Blog.

Another fun game is called Kick Off Your Shoe.

For this game go outside and loosen one shoe.  Then kick your foot and see the shoe fly.  When you're done measure the distance your shoe flew by taking extra shoes and lining them up.

If your kids are kicking really far use another fun measuring tool like how many steps did you kick?  Such fun ways to count, measure and talk about distance.  Now I'm off to check my mail again...I am expecting that REALLY BIG package of books any minute!

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