Friday, July 18, 2014

Positive Reinforcement...Word of the Day

Children need learning environments that are safe, positive, nurturing, and stimulating!  Earlier this week I found this environment  when I visited Whisper Creek Preschool  located in Draper, Utah.  

Terri Michaels shared with me a simple positive reinforcement idea that she uses with The Amazing Action Alphabet. She uses an encouraging “word of the day” that starts with the letter of the week.  

These words are located at the end of each Amazing Action Alphabet CD song.  Here is a written list of the words she uses...

A - Amazing!
B - Brilliant!
C- Cool!
D - Dynamite!
E - Excellent!
F - Fantastic!
G - Great Job!
H - Hurrah!
I Incredible! 
J - Good Job!
K - Great Kicking!
L - Lovely!
M - Magnificent!
N - Nice Work!
O - Outstanding!
P - Perfect!
Q - Terrific Quality!
R - Remarkable!
S - Splendid!
T - Terrific!
U - Unbelievable!
V - Very Nice!
W - Wonderful!
X - X-Exactly!
Y - You Yelled (yodeled) Perfectly!
Z - Zoopendous!

They consist of “zoopendous” for Z-Day day, “brilliant” for B-Day, “incredible” for I-Day and “magnificent” for M-Day.   

For a quick reference she wrote these words under each letter on the Amazing Action Alphabet Placemat. Thanks Terri for sharing this clever idea!  What ideas do you want to share? 

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