Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let's Talk About It...

I'm sure you have heard a great deal about the new buzz word.... "Common Core." 
What is the "Common Core?" The "Common Core" are educational standards for K-12th grade, made by our educational departments.  The "Common Core" is being implemented in schools across the country, and its implementation affects early childhood educators LIKE YOU!

The question I continually receive is, 
"Do your books meet the Common Core standard for Pre-K?" My answer is

Preschool LANGUAGE Standards That Is Met in the 
Amazing Action Alphabet Books:
  • Read daily from a variety of literature genres. (Suggested reading material is found in my Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book.)
  • Create a language-rich environment, including eye-level alphabet charts, reading centers, listening centers, writing centers, and dramatic play centers. (Wall Cards are and various dramatic puppets activities are found in my Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book.  The Handwriting book and Handwriting 2 book are an available aid in your writing centers.)
  • Include literacy props, materials, and literature in learning centers.  (Wonderful suggestions are found in my Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book. For example, I the Insect is a wonderful puppet as well as U, the Pup. Each can be used as literacy props in a dramatic play center.)
  • Give children opportunities to present, such as show and tell and sharing work.  (With the suggested theme, located in my Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book, I encourage the children to come to school with something to share about the Letter for the week.  For example, on B, the Bear Day, they come to school with their favorite bear, and share with their fellow students about their special bear.  Another example would be on O, Opera and Talent Day, each students shares with the class a special talent they have.)
  • Participate in and encourage pretend play.  (Again, so many suggestions are in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book.  After completing an activity, I encourage my children to pretend play with their creation.  For example, K, the Kangaroo, Z, the Zebra, L, the Lizard, M, the Moose and others can be used as a prop for pretend play.)
  • Use a wide variety of media and presentation forms, including storytelling, pictures or drawings, posters, appropriate multimedia presentations, drama, show and tell, signs, paintings, sculptures, puppets, and hand signs.  (The Amazing Action Alphabet Flip chart is an ideal use of hand signs, stories, The Amazing Action Alphabet CD is another form of a multimedia item that can be used.)
  • Sing a wide variety of songs, including those that reflect the cultural makeup of the world.  (The Amazing Action Alphabet CD has a great variety of songs!)
  • Provide opportunities to memorize a variety of rhymes, including chants, poems, and nursery rhymes.  (Suggested nursery rhymes are located in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activities book.)
  • Play with language by making up silly words, singing rhyming songs, and playing with children's names.
I hope this helps you connect the dots between "Common Core" Standards AND The Amazing Action Alphabet learning tools.  Please don't hesitate to email me with any further questions relating to this issue. Thanks friends!  Have an AMAZING day!

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