Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Letter M Phonemic Activity and Sorting Food

Today my preschoolers had a fun time reviewing the letter name and sound of M. In the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart M the moose is munching on meatballs while making the sound m-m-m. 


For a fun food related activity I gathered food items from around the house that started with the /m/ sound such as; milk, muffins, mustard, and meat. 

I also gathered other food that didn't begin with the letter M. Then I asked my preschoolers to sort the food. The food that began with the letter M they could put on one dish and feed to the Moose. The food that did not begin with the letter M they put on another dish. 

What a perfect sorting activity and a great way to review the letter M sound. 

After this phonemic activity we read the first story in the Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader Book



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