Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Just Beginning to Read...Here we go!

As your child is just beginning to read I have fantastic tools to help you teach this magical process!  The letter T phonemic activity can be found in Lesson 2 of my latest printing of the Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader Book

Simply write the letter M and T on counters. Ask the child to place the corresponding counter on the picture that contains the correct beginning sound of the counter.  Easy, right?! Now the child is ready to read the second story in the Amazing Action Alphabet Beginning Reader. 

At this point your child has learned the letter sounds of M and T.  Use your Alphabet Wall Cards to review these letter names and sounds. 


  1. nice i think kids learn fast with this amazing action alphabet beginning reader book and alphabet wall cards. thanks for sharing this.
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  2. I love this parent who teach their child. Godbless

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