Friday, March 20, 2015

No Sew Easter Egg Craft

This no sew Easter Egg Craft for preschoolers couldn't be any easier!  When I review the letter E from the Amazing Action Flip Chart , I find it fun to incorporate some EASTER activities as well.  I had some very cute scrap material that I wanted to use, and this was the perfect way to use it.  These Easter eggs come together if just a few simple steps.  If you are looking for other easy and fun Easter egg activities try these Shaving Cream Easter Eggs.  If you are wanting to use paint and recycled cardboard with your toddler check this Easter Painting.  

easter egg no sew preschool craft for e day

Preschooler No Sew Easter Egg Craft

Items you will need:

- colored paper
- scissors
- fabric scraps
- packing tape
- wax paper
- pencil
- a few crafty kids ;)

Gather your supplies and draw a simple outline of an egg.  I cut it out for the younger toddlers, but the older preschoolers did this on their own.  Put a piece of wax paper under the egg template.

toddler easter egg craft

Use horizontal strips of Scotch packing tape to cover the Easter egg template.   The wax paper is used so the tape doesn't stick to the table, making it easier to the kids. 

easy easter egg craft

Gather scrap material and cut into different widths.  The length only needs to cover the Easter egg template.  

scrap material for craft

Have the children choose the strips of material they would like to use, and what order they would like to place them on the egg.  Lay the strips right side down so that when you turn the egg template over you'll see the patterns of the material.  This is a great time to easily talk about patterns, width, length, longer, and shorter.  

making easter egg craft with farbic

I trimmed any extra material hanging over the edge, and taped down the sides to ensure the fabric didn't move.  The kids turned over the egg to see their creation!

no-sew-easer-egg-craf- for-preschoolers-E-day

Easter is around the corner friends!  Enjoy making and teaching those cute little ones!

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